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Use this thread to nominate songs for Song Of The Week and to support other nominations if you agree with them.

- Please note, it doesn't help to vote for the same song more than once in a week - I just don't count duplicate votes.

- Rather than just nominating the first song that springs to mind, try thinking of an appropriate song for a particular reason, for example if it's an album's birthday, try and pick a song off that album.

- One nomination each, per week please, with a short sentence explaining why you'd like that song to be picked.

The more reasoning behind a nomination, the more likely I am to pick it.

Obviously, don't nominate a song that has already been SotW. Here's all the SotW threads we've had so far, right back from September 2009. All these threads are still open, so if you'd like to discuss or add your thoughts about any of the songs go ahead - we won't be angry at you for bumping old SotW threads, especially if you have something really well thought-out to say (hint hint).

Finally, I would like to quickly point out the benefit of the 'Ctrl+F' keyboard shortcut. It allows you to search for a word on a page... words that are in song titles... that have already been SotW.

Please check your nominations before posting them here!


01/21/2012 - At The Library

12/28/2009 - I Was There

02/15/2010 - Going to Pasalacqua

08/27/2011 - 16

11/08/2010 - Road to Acceptance

05/12/2012 - Rest

11/09/2009 - Paper Lanterns

08/25/2012 - Why Do You Want Him?

01/07/2012 - 409 In Your Coffee Maker

03/26/2011 - 1000 Hours

05/05/2010 - Dry Ice

01/04/2011 - Only of You

01/18/2010 - I Want to Be Alone


07/26/2010 - 2000 Light Years Away

12/14/2009 - One for the Razorbacks

02/08/2010 - Christie Road

03/31/2012 - Private Ale

07/23/2011 - Dominated Love Slave

03/31/2010 - One of My Lies

05/18/2010 - 80

09/21/2009 - Android

01/14/2012 - No One Knows

12/18/2010 - Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?

09/24/2011 - Words I Might Have Ate


12/10/2011 - Burnout

04/28/2010 - Having a Blast

07/13/2011 - Welcome To Paradise

11/22/2010 - Pulling Teeth

01/28/2012 - Basket Case

10/05/2009 - She

01/25/2010 - Sassafras Roots

06/25/2010 - When I Come Around

03/08/2010 - Coming Clean

04/14/2012 - In The End

11/19/2011 - F.O.D


10/11/2010 - Armatage Shanks

06/09/2012 - Brat

11/02/2009 - Stuck With Me

04/07/2012 - Geek Stink Breath

08/06/2011 - 86

01/24/2011 - Panic Song

01/11/2010 - Stuart and the Ave

08/11/2012 - Brain Stew

06/08/2010 - Westbound Sign

10/08/2011 - Walking Contradiction


10/15/2011 - Nice Guys Finish Last

11/27/2010 - Hitchin' a Ride

02/06/2011 - The Grouch

11/16/2009 - Redundant

12/03/2011 - Scattered

04/09/2010 - Worry Rock

02/11/2012 - Platypus (I Hate You)

10/12/2009 - Uptight

03/03/2012 - Jinx

08/16/2010 - Haushinka

02/26/2010 - Walking Alone

09/03/2011 - Reject

06/02/2010 - Take Back

10/29/2011 - King For A Day

01/04/2010 - Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)


06/22/2011 - Warning

05/26/2012 - Blood, Sex and Booze

12/26/2010 - Church on Sunday

02/25/2012 - Fashion Victim

10/06/2012 - Castaway

02/01/2010 - Misery

05/02/2011 - Deadbeat Holiday

05/12/2010 - Hold On

10/19/2009 - Waiting

11/12/2011 - Minority

11/30/2009 - Macy's Day Parade


12/07/2009 - Desensitized

12/17/2011 - You Lied

06/23/2012 - I Wanna Be On TV

04/21/2012 - Scumbag

10/01/2011 - Sick Of Me

03/17/2012 - Rotting

11/26/2011 - Do Da Da

07/19/2010 - Ha Ha You're Dead

American Idiot

03/22/2010 - American Idiot

02/19/2011 - Jesus of Suburbia

06/02/2011 - Holiday

09/17/2011 - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

08/13/2011 - Are We The Waiting

09/29/2010 - St. Jimmy

10/26/2009 - Give Me Novacaine

06/30/2012 - She's A Rebel

03/24/2012 - Extraordinary Girl

04/19/2010 - Letterbomb

09/14/2009 - Wake Me up When September Ends

08/02/2010 - Homecoming

12/21/2009 - Whatsername

21st Century Breakdown

11/15/2010 - 21st Century Breakdown

02/04/2012 - Before The Lobotomy

10/22/2011 - Christian's Inferno

12/11/2010 - Peacemaker

07/30/2011 - ¿Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl)

03/12/2011 - Horseshoes & Handgrenades

01/11/2011 - Static Age

05/19/2012 - 21 Guns

05/10/2011 - American Eulogy


09/22/2012 - Nuclear Family

11/05/2011 - Stay The Night

07/16/2012 - Oh Love


09/28/2009 - Drama Queen

08/21/2011 - Amy



11/23/2009 - Poprocks & Coke

03/15/2010 - Roshambo

05/26/2010 - Mother Mary

09/07/2010 - Cigarettes and Valentines

12/04/2010 - When It's Time

01/17/2011 - The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink

05/23/2011 - Hearts Collide

07/06/2011 - Maria

09/10/2011 - J.A.R

12/24/2011 - Christmas Covers

12/31/2011 - Stop Drop And Roll

03/10/2012 - Like A Rat Does Cheese

07/28/2012 - Governator

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Yes, Are We The Waiting, because that is one of my favorite songs from American Idiot, and it deserves some love =)

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I'll say are we the waiting as well. There's just something about that song live that's so amazing. The way it brings us all together when we sing along waving are arms back and forth, how Its calm then BOOM it rushes into st.jimmy. :wub:

and the way it makes me jeleous of all the girls that go up during that song.


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Do Da Da.

because I've been nominating it for ages and it never gets picked :dry:

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I agree, Are We The Waiting would definitely be an interesting choice

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Boulevard of Broken Dreams because it was around this time of the year in 2005 i saw the music video and absolutely loved it. I became a GD fan after hearing it :)

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I'm for "Are We the Waiting" too, that's such an amazing song, it's easily one of my favorites!

But, I'll also throw out "¡Viva la Gloria!". It's an amazing song, and I think it would be kinda cool because "¿Viva la Gloria? (Little Girl)" is the SotW currently. Ya know, kind of compare and contrast.

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Can everyone please read the whole OP before posting...

The part in bold is in bold for a reason.


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I nominate 86.

We can have 86 for song of the week on August 6th (8/6). I'm really starting to get back to liking 86.

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Fucking this

(insert You Can't Fool Me videos here)

It must be heard.

I think it's a wonderful song, and the only record we have of it is two live performances. I think having it as song of the week would not only give it some of the respect it deserves as an awesome song, but also get more people to hear it.

(that was me adding my reason)

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We can have 86 for song of the week on August 6th (8/6). I'm really starting to get back to liking 86.

I retract my previous request for DUI and change it to this. 86 on 8/6. Sweet idea!

But August 6th is 6/8, so I don't get it :P

I do like that idea, even though it's only a minority of countries that write dates like that all weird-like.

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Yeah do "86" :D i mean the date will be right in some country's and I have been listening to it a lot resonantly. :D But i'm up for "Are we the Waiting" as well :D

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We don't seem to have had Boulevard of Broken Dreams (I might just be being blind) and that's a pretty beasty one for people to talk about... Also, it has an awesome video and it's AMAZING live.

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okay you lot, you got Are We The Waiting, give me something else to work with here :P

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Boulevard of Broken Dreams?

Or It's Fuck Time by FBHT... are we allowed those?

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