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  3. j3sus0fsuburbia


    If everyone takes a day off from the 1972 thread maybe the law of attraction will work because we all distracted ourselves.

    I feel like that would be as easy as getting people to agree on what the definition of 'chips' is.

  4. xxPistolxx


    Hello everyone! I dont know if any of my old friends are still on this site. I haven't been on here for years, and i've been trying to sign in but I forgot my password. I've just now managed to sign back in after god knows how many years! 

    1. Eric


      dont even waste your time, its dead

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  6. That Dude

    That Dude

    This is what a Green Day fan's Spotify be looking like, yo: 


  7. Montclare


    RIP Christine McVie.

    1. That Dude

      That Dude

      What a loss. 

      I grew up with Fleetwood Mac always playing in the house.   And every so often, my dad would have the urge to play "Tusk" at insanely high volume.     He would give my mom and I warning, secure any easily breakable items....and then crank the stereo to BEYOND 11.      The house would shake through the entire song and it was a lot of fun.  

      And as I got older, I got into more of their stuff, past the Greatest Hits collection my dad shook the Earth with.   While I believe that the recording band has long since given up, I hope that the band can continue in some capacity after this loss.  



    2. Montclare


      Fleetwood Mac oddly got me back into Green Day.  I was on their message board and someone posted that one of their co-workers, who was mid-30s, and had loved GD but hadn't paid much attention to them in recent years had heard their new single (Bang Bang) and it had totally gotten them back into the band.  I decided to check it out and have been here ever since.

  8. Malleus


    Hello GDC! Do people still use these? I hope you all are doing well. Haven't been on here in forever, glad to see this place still thriving 😊

    1. Hermione


      Nice to see you, hope you're doing well too!

  9. pinkyy


    i'll make more of those pop disaster tour artworks tomorrow

  10. Little Boy Named Booze

    Little Boy Named Booze

    Having a job is so fun. 

    Working from home too.
    5 years for the gvnmt now.  💸💸💰

  11. j3sus0fsuburbia


    Jeff Winger: "Quick impression;"

    [Pretends to baby cry]

    Jeff Winger: "Wah. Who am I? You guys."

    Pierce Hawthorne: "HA! Dead on."

    Y'all are streets behind.

  12. The Grohl

    The Grohl

    Just put in a dog adoption application! I'm so excited!

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    2. The Grohl

      The Grohl

      Whatever doggo we end up with I will make sure to share lots of pics :happy:

    3. Rumpelstiltskin2000


      Good luck. Hope it all goes well 

    4. Sheenius


      Oh Dog 

  13. Sheenius


    Ill wake up at the end of september before the cold november rain

  14. squinty bitch

    squinty bitch

    Was just scrolling on Twitter and somehow read the word glaucoma as guacamole, think that's enough life for me 😑

  15. That Dude

    That Dude


  16. squinty bitch

    squinty bitch

    There appears to be a mouse living in my sofa 😑

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    2. Hermione


      Hopefully realised it wasn't welcome and left!

    3. HoneyEmerald


      Did you name it Harry like the Silverfish at my high school?


    4. squinty bitch

      squinty bitch

      Hahaha he is just known as Mousey atm 😅 Last year's mouse was called Clive tho!!

  17. Cooper Castille

    Cooper Castille

    First episode of a new series I'm doing!

    1. That Dude

      That Dude

      Nice!  System of a Down are way up on my list as well:  

      1, Green Day / Every Green Day side project ever

      2. +44

      3. System of A Down

      4. Transplants 


    2. Queenforaday6


      Man, what a work you've done!!! Good job!! I'm surprised how GD fans so dedicated hahaha

    3. 80 Androids

      80 Androids

      Woah! that's you? I watched that video earlier today!

  18. pinkyy


    i need a weezer fourm site

  19. Sheenius


    Its 1 revolution tonight

  20. HoneyEmerald



  21. Sheenius


    GDC - A Sheenius Company

  22. Sheenius


    Sale going through - Working on incorporating GDC

    1. Tre's Busted Drumkit

      Tre's Busted Drumkit

      Ok Sheelon Musk

    2. Sheenius


      Its 1 revolution tonight

  23. Red

    • Red
    • Sheenius

    Don't you dare leave, Sheen! 

    1. Sheenius


      Oh Red won't you drink with Booze tonight? 


  24. Tre's Busted Drumkit

    Tre's Busted Drumkit

    American Eulogy bears more weight in 2022 than it did in 2009. Another song that has held up well to the test of time. Disappointingly well, really.

  25. pinkyy


    why is it so cold

    1. xWhatsername_



  26. Sheenius


    Danger should have been Joey's middle name

  27. j3sus0fsuburbia


    I don't care what is happening, I just want to listen to music. 

    Does my stereo go any louder ?!

    1. That Dude

      That Dude

      This just made me realize Green Day don't ever use the word "music" in their lyrics.   Except for that one time in Static Age......


    2. j3sus0fsuburbia



  28. Tre's Busted Drumkit

    • Tre's Busted Drumkit
    • Liam

    I voted for you. Remember that when choosing identities to steal.

    1. Liam


      Don’t forget, identity thief works both ways so I might as well make both our votes invalid 

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