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  2. Virginia Lot Lizard

    Virginia Lot Lizard

    Sleepy Little Owl.

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  5. Virginia Lot Lizard

    Virginia Lot Lizard

    Lenny is a gold medal winner 🥇 

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  7. I found a "Gratitude Scavenger Hunt for Kids" on Pinterest and decided it would make a good photography challenge. Today, the something outside that I enjoy looking at is a chicken. The chicken, I had named Pollyana after the Green Day song. Now to find 19 more items to take pictures of that meet the challenge.
  8. Rumpelstiltskin2000


    Happy New Year everyone 🎉

  9. The Grohl

    The Grohl

    Made it just in time! Here's a review of what I was listening to in 2021!


    1. That Dude

      That Dude

      Turnstile, Royal Blood and Rob Zombie definitely delivered some great albums this year.   I hadn't heard of either of those bands before 2021 and now they are on my year-end list, making my Top 20 albums List.   

      I need to check out these other ones.  


  10. Red


    Hope everyone had a very merry Xmas from Aussieland and can end this year on a high note! Here's to 2022 and whatever it brings, hopefully some good stuff! 🎉🎸🤘

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    2. Red


      Holy shit dude, what happened? are you alright?

    3. Sheenius


      @Red I was in quarantine during Christmas but I'm good I never ended up getting sick and tested negative

    4. Red


      Really glad to hear you're alright, I can't wait for all this covid nonsense to be a thing of the past. Keep safe, we will all get through this. 

  11. Yosuke Hanamura

    Yosuke Hanamura


  12. xWhatsername_


    Just a random status update for my love, @Weezer and Fallout boy too I love you and you’re very special, I’m gonna head back to bed rn? but just know.. you’re dreamy, mwah

    1. Liam


      Why don’t I get a random status made about me?

  13. Virginia Lot Lizard

    Virginia Lot Lizard

    It’s the weekend!

  14. Sappy

    • Sappy
    • EmoPotato


    1. EmoPotato


      Henlo boyo

  15. HoneyEmerald

    hey now that's not funny

    Hey Now That's Not Funny What you're doing to me Making me fall in love just so you can watch me scream when my heart bleeds because I'm not good enough for you Hey Now That's Not Funny telling me how you plan to kill me and saying that I'm going to kill you I don't believe in Romeo and Juliet How Dare you?! How could you?! Everything's a sack of shit when everything you do is lie Everything's a sack of shit when all we do is die Don't say goodbye.
  16. Red


    Random thought... Let's say hypothetically, if 21st Century Breakdown was never released in 09 as the follow up to AI but instead was Green Days next album due out in 2022 (Trilogy, Revrad and FOAM still happened).

    Do you think it would be received any differently and for better or worse?

    1. Tre's Busted Drumkit

      Tre's Busted Drumkit

      21CB, like AI before it, was really a reflection of the time it was written in. The best song on the whole damn album, American Eulogy, is 100% confirmed by Billie Joe to be about Hurricane Katrina, which happened in 2005. The bigger issue would be concept fatigue, and Rev Rad suffered from this to a point. 21CB, if released today, would be Green Day's third big concept album with political undertones, and that would get it overlooked in some ways.

      So maybe not particularly better or worse, just maybe less.

  17. Virginia Lot Lizard

    Virginia Lot Lizard


  18. HoneyEmerald

    Feeling better today

    Feeling better today because I choose to come what may I am not going to let you get me down forever I am not your clown to entertain you I am not your puppet or your toy to decide exactly how I should think, act or feel when you are mean I have the right to scream when you are cruel I don't have to stay I do not have to isolate just because you say I am crazy you are not even licensed to tell me that I am You do not have the right to say what I am and what I'm not I have the right to choose me and you have the right to choose
  19. HoneyEmerald

    feeling miserable

    feeling miserable I told you no I am not that mad about you and with this thought I am through through thinking through thinking I'm gathering myself and letting my mind out in more than a whisper writing in notes about how I feel oh sh** I'm real "she's psycho."
  20. HoneyEmerald

    It will be a blog

    This will be a blog oh my gosh I cannot stand some of the things that come from this man he says I am sick. I'm insecure. he tells me things that I cannot endure but here I am writing things the best that I can hardly able to remain so stable that I don't make a ruckus
  21. HoneyEmerald


    Depression stinks so bad it hurts that I cry and No one gives a F**** This is a haiku and it is not about you so shut the hell up if I let out my emotions I get yelled at no one tolerates me I only laugh because it is so messed up that no one gives a F*** s*** or damn that is about me don't you see I'm just called crazy
  22. HoneyEmerald

    Smart the Meltdown!

    Everyone needs a good anti-conspiracy theory.
  23. HoneyEmerald

    "Don't Let Me Down"

    Do not worry about it. I am glad someone took the time to read my writing even if it does suck.
  24. BeachBum

    "Don't Let Me Down"

    First I was confused.... but you have me a good giggle. It's something I would do.
  25. Bakabanas

    "Don't Let Me Down"

    Disclaimer: I am so stupid, that I wrote a heart-felt comment into the "report blog" spot. I feel not worthy of existence, now a mod is reading my report and is laughing at me I let myself down again.
  26. Little Boy Named Booze

    Little Boy Named Booze

    @Khaleesi. I'm coming near you! I'm leaving Quebec in an hour. Can't wait to be back in Ottawa. I really love the city.

    1. Khaleesi.


      I’m locking my door!!! 

    2. Little Boy Named Booze

      Little Boy Named Booze

      You can unlock the door I'm back in Quebec 

  27. Virginia Lot Lizard

    Virginia Lot Lizard

    Basically this is the best day of the year so far and it’s only December 😆 

  28. moonflower93


    4 more days and I will be here 10 years Holy Toledo!

    1. That Dude

      That Dude

      10 years of Holy Toledo?   My mind is blown, it feels like it has only been out like 3 weeks.....wait....

  29. Virginia Lot Lizard

    Virginia Lot Lizard


    1. Tre's Busted Drumkit

      Tre's Busted Drumkit

      *Omicron has entered the chat

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