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  2. Little Boy Named Booze

    Little Boy Named Booze

    Gonna reach 7,000 post and then I'm thinking of taking a little break from GDC (I'm not leaving FOREVER). But it
    would be cool to keep contact with some of you! If anyone have Instagram/Facebook or whatever hit me up in my DM's.

    Don't know if I'm gonna be there for the GDC Awards but don't forget to vote for me in the Drunk Bunny Award. :bunny:
    I'm planning on being fucking active in 2023 for #1972. 

    For now I'm gonna take care of my daughter, work a lot, drink some beers and have some fun!


    1. That Dude

      That Dude

      1972's gonna surprise release right after your 7000th post.    I can feel it.  


  3. HoneyEmerald


    In response to Jesus of Suburbia:  I'm not leaving home... I am fighting for my home... because thoughts of how it could be better will not leave me alone.   I've got to find some answers and try to avert disaster.... because I am a fixer, and destructive and I want to know what love is.  So give me time to think about the reasons for my past, a life that's full of garbage does not last.   I want to spare you the problem of the baggage of my world, to jeopardize a relationship without a chance. Just because I recognized something about someone does not make them mine.   A laugh could burst out over a simple rhyme.   In my mind I hear a voice that says "do not he will blow up" and in my thoughts I'm thinking do not and just grow up...   but in my heart the honesty is there even if you really do not care and my being stupid in a fact is true.   You may not like me, you may hate me, you may rate me, I evade see.... because I really do care about you.    So in this poem of blunt rhymes... I hope that you will not leave me far behind, but recognize I want to save your life.    There is so much hope for you, please just change your attitude and choose your thoughts for much better ones because in this world there is lots of fun, and in this world there is lots of joy and in this world oh ho... oh. boy...  let a new perspective be in your employ,  one that is of positivity, that doesn't let you go down the path of doom, that will look up to and after you.  So you see why I am fighting for that which I wanted when I began.   I demand respect and want the promised land.   When around a cynic you cannot earn trust.... unless by some miracle.... some light... they see.   So take the apathy and the depression, which are fears, and find some place to learn to hear and criticize the lies that are in your head, tell them they are not wanted and that you no longer dread because the fact is they are thoughts not truth... they are perspectives driven by the abuse... and build some boundaries and uphold them against that which will not stand.   There is so much hope in the palm of your hand. 

  4. xWhatsername_


    Can someone come soothe my migraine 

    1. HoneyEmerald


      Take a deep breath for 4 seconds, count to 6 then let the breath out for 8 seconds... repeat as needed.   See if that helps.

  5. Last week
  6. 67kurt94


    I've created a website to archive & document the live gigography/ recording session history/ interview history of Canadian 90's rock band, Eric's Trip.

    Check out the Eric's Trip Gigography

    It includes:

    • A comprehensive interview archive with band members (1991-1996), transcribed by hand from their original print(s).
    • Every known Live Show the band performed, including side-projects & reunion performances (1991-1996,2001,2006-2009).
    • chronological & vast Recording Sessions History Guide, that aims to provide any and all info known regarding each session (1990-1996).

    If you have any thing worthwhile to add (Gig Posters/ Set-lists/ Recordings/ Images/ Show Reviews), let me know! 🎶🇨🇦


  7. j3sus0fsuburbia


    If you can understand what's happening in this post, you're streets ahead. 
    If you have to ask, you're streets behind. 
    For those of you that cry at "Come Sail Away-" 
    Something beckons on the horizon as of today. 
    The Peacocks are landing with their community; when was the last time you went to the movies?

  8. Little Boy Named Booze

    Little Boy Named Booze

    Good morning Billie

  9. The Grohl

    The Grohl

    Another New Interview!!! This time I chat with The Soft Moon's Luis Vasquez


  10. Sheenius


    Got an MXR Dookie Drive wow thats loud!

    1. That Dude

      That Dude

      Is it as loud as that dirty dress?  

  11. j3sus0fsuburbia


    If we collectively eat a rare print Nimrod vinyl, we will get a single in 1,972 hours as long as we continue to slap one another smooth. 


    1. That Dude

      That Dude

      If you're Jesus 3, is Whatshername your grandmother?  

    2. j3sus0fsuburbia


      Anything is possible when you believe in the bratwurst

  12. solongfromthestars


    Do I even make photo projects anymore? Yes! This one will probably bore you unless you share my fascination with suburbia (or if you want to know what England really looks like), but if you've enjoyed my Bay Area tours and Longshot photos, be nice and have a look.


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  14. 96Tomato


    Have no idea how to make a forum post… anyway, here’s Asbury Park (as of right now, YouTube is still processing HDR on it)



  15. HoneyEmerald


    You do you.    I'm just a nutcase with a shitty experience.

    If you do you, I will be glad to be hearing it.

  16. The Grohl

    The Grohl

    New Interview! This time I had the pleasure of speaking with Jasen Moreno and CJ Pierce of Drowning Pool!


  17. 96Tomato


    Releasing full show later this week or next.

    Check out this clip from Asbury Park!


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    2. 96Tomato


      Hmmm, I wouldn't mind posting the file I uploaded to YouTube (11 Gb). If I uploaded the raw videos it would be well over 50gb lol. Might reupload this video tbh, the volumes a bit low and I didn't turn down the bass enough. Green Day shows seem to always turn the sub bass (looking at you kick drum!) to the max haha. Not bad when you're there, but the recording afterwards deff needs work.

    3. greendepent


      I see man. I'd really like at least the Samsung recording, I'm mesmerized by it, haha. But if is not possible, I'm ok with it. 

      Audio seems good, the thing is that probably youtube will turn it down if you leave it too hot, so if I were you I wouldn't bother that much in that regard.

    4. 96Tomato


      For sure, I like to use as little compression as possible, only when the crowd (or fireworks) get too lot. but this could’ve used an extra boost and bass cut. I could take a stab at a mega.

  18. HoneyEmerald


    Got Brain Stew on my mind.

  19. squinty bitch

    squinty bitch

    Just had a dream I was a good person who people actually gave a shit about. Woke up and now I'm me again 🤮

  20. Little Boy Named Booze

    Little Boy Named Booze

    Just signed up to be in the first ever season of Survivor in my city. Survivor Quebec. It's gonna be in Philippines.

    1. That Dude

      That Dude

      If you get on there, definitely make talking about Green Day part of your strategy.   Or just completely try and make the show all about Green Day, :)

      That's awesome, I hope you get in and win! 


    2. She-Loves-Him


      There's gonna be a Survivor Quebec?!

    3. Little Boy Named Booze

      Little Boy Named Booze


  21. xWhatsername_


    I love you green day

  22. pinkyy


    green day

  23. Sheenius


    I'm back and in charge

    1. Little Boy Named Booze

      Little Boy Named Booze

      Buy gdc

    2. Sheenius


      Working on it again

    3. Little Boy Named Booze

      Little Boy Named Booze

      can't wait to be your #2

  24. HoneyEmerald


    Imperfection is Perfection when Perfection is Intolerable.

  25. Little Boy Named Booze

    Little Boy Named Booze

    Good night Billie.

    1. Beerjeezus


      don’t forget to wake him up on october 1st

  26. HoneyEmerald


    When they are rude do you follow? Sometimes life is hard to swallow.  Don't give up, don't stay down. It's like you said, "I'll see you around"   Drama is not your identity.    You are kindness for all who see.   Sometimes Love seems harsh, it's true, but please do not give up on you.   You are a blessing, you do know grief.It's up to you if you are to speak.   "Silence is the enemy" when in depression don't they see?    And if they don't  just remember... you're in transition... This is not the ender.   Rough times are only temporary.   And in troubled times there is beauty.... the beauty of those who give you hope... the peacemakers who help you cope.    Sometimes in life you may have to wait to talk to them but that's alright.   Don't give up now it will cause strife. You are capable of more than you think...   you can control your thoughts you see... and choose positivity.  



  27. Paola17


    Well, today I learned it is legal to have a pet alligator in PA.

    1. Tre's Busted Drumkit

      Tre's Busted Drumkit

      I know where I'm moving when my lease is up.

  28. squinty bitch

    squinty bitch

    Christ, people are literally just so fucking rude, I'm fucking done 😑

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    2. squinty bitch

      squinty bitch

      So basically my depression got bad recently and I don't rly like talking about it so I just dealt with it but then last night it go too much and I was spiralling and had a meltdown. Bf was here and I kinda really needed him but he chose to go to bed instead cuz he had work in 6 hours, which I do understand but it felt so shit just kinda being abandoned like that lol. So I was venting about it and then people were just like "well you shouldn't have chosen to talk to him about it when he needed to sleep, you're an asshole etc"

      Like, I didn't CHOOSE to have a breakdown lmao, that's not how depression works. If I'd actually wanted to talk about it of course I wouldn't have decided to do it when he's trying to sleep 🙄

    3. HoneyEmerald


      Some people don't even know how to help another person cope because they don't know how to cope their self.    Find your coping skills and start using them.    Remember "You are not other people's drama," as a friend once said to me.   Do not personalize other people's problems, their problems are not your own.   When life seems overwhelming take it in baby steps.    Remember your priorities.... Food ( proper nutrition), Clothing, Shelter, Transportation and Communication....   if you find any of these things are lacking.... make them your focus one step at a time.    I have battled Depression for at least 15 years.  There are up days and down days.  All days are just temporary.    The past does not last.   The future isn't set in stone.  The present is a gift you can work with.... choose your own thoughts... only you can train yourself to control them. 




    4. pcj


      I'm so sorry for what you are going through. I wish I could give you a big hug. I feel so sad for you, but that will not help you. Some will say there are loads a lot worse off, but there's nothing worse than something affecting you directly. All I can say is my thoughts are with you. I don't know if it works but if I may I would like to pray for you. 

      One thing I found that helped me loads was this thought that's so so true. Of the 8 billion+ people on this planet, there is only one of you. You are special you are a one off. Therefore, you are unique you are priceless and cannot be replaced. So take care of yourself. I really really hope things work out for you. God bless you. Love you.

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