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  4. HoneyEmerald


    Watch me bleed because I have a heart


  5. HoneyEmerald


    I'm a modern day tragedy there is a war inside of me raging for all to bring peace to a land in which I live 

    I'm a modern day tragedy just waiting for all to see the pain I have inside of me 

    I'm a modern day tragedy


  6. Eric


    The it has to be Green Day or bust is what ruined GDC. The inability to adapt and to like other genres and just anything other than Green Day killed GDC. The idea that mainstream is dumb ruined GDC. GDC is dead and no one wants to donate money to help it shows lol :lol: forum is DEAD

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    2. Little Boy Named Booze

      Little Boy Named Booze

      Like I said that's the only thing that bother me so it's not a big deal. 

    3. Hermione


      That's cool (and I don't want you to leave btw) but I don't think it's so bad that it would be better to shut down the site is all.

    4. Tre's Busted Drumkit

      Tre's Busted Drumkit

      Reddit is draining GDC, just like it's killing forums across the web. 69,000 members of r/greenday vs., what, a few dozen regularly active members here? It's hardly a story unique to this site, and not really something anyone here can do anything about.

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  8. Paola17


    That concert calendar keeps on growing...

    1. The Grohl

      The Grohl

      Same. I told my boyfriend "we're so concert rich" :lol:

  9. Comedy & Tragedy

    Comedy & Tragedy

    Well, it's been a while.

  10. Red


    Oh look! it's time to listen to Wake Me Up When September Ends and cry my heart out again..

  11. Little Boy Named Booze

    Little Boy Named Booze

    Punk Rock lullaby playlist on Spotify is amazing.

    1. That Dude

      That Dude

      Holy Toledo, it really is!   I need more songs about Taco Bell in my life STAT, and also I just recently got into Punk Rock Girl because of a cover by the up and coming IV and the Strange Band.   

  12. xWhatsername_


  13. Billie Hoe

    Billie Hoe

    i'm selling 1 ticket for my chemical romance in bonn on the 17th (this friday), front of stage, in case anyone is interested...

  14. HoneyEmerald


    It's a beautiful day out.... for the mosquitos. 

  15. Paola17


    Wow. Literally a collision of both my worlds colliding. Chicago ain’t ready. 

  16. squinty bitch

    squinty bitch

    Yesterday I spent my day doing an extreme deep clean of the guinea pig cage, giving them their first bath, restocking on their supplies, and washing and drying everything that they've pissed on. It took 11 hours and I didn't get into bed until 1am.

    I'm now exhausted, physically ill, and I never want to see another guinea pig poop, hoover, washing machine, or anti-bac wipe ever again 😩

  17. laurels


    Oh my.... I am seeing Green Day for the first time tomorrow and I am so excited. I can't believe it. I might cry. 

    1. Rumpelstiltskin2000


      Hope you had a blast 💚

  18. HoneyEmerald


    It's raining, it's pouring, and man am I boring...

    1. That Dude

      That Dude

      It's raining right now where I am.  

  19. greendepent


    So, one thing I didn't expect from this year, is seeing Green Day live. So, Argentina here we come!

  20. Paola17


    I'm so pumped for all the shows I'll be seeing this year. I truly can't wait. 

    1. Eric



  21. greendepent


    Well, I can understand crashing HDD and lose stuff, but an "accidental delete". Congratz to me after deleting 220gb of live material. Well done!!

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    2. greendepent


      I tried using 3 different softwares but all of them recover an unusable file. At least I know what I lost so I can start searching for it. Thanks for your concern :)

    3. 80 Androids

      80 Androids

      How did you do that? Format the wrong drive?

    4. greendepent


      No, I was trying to delete a duplicate folder and selected badly :lol: Bad luck I guess. At least I have found arround 70% of the files

  22. BillieJoeObsesser


    Haven't been on GDC in about 10 years! Still here and bringing back so many memories :wub:

    1. Rumpelstiltskin2000


      Welcome back! 

  23. Heyhobilliejoe..


    I'm alive !

  24. Little Boy Named Booze

    Little Boy Named Booze

    Please don't like anything more of my content

  25. 67kurt94


    Looking for any "Eric's Trip" or "Elevator to Hell"  live recordings. Let me know if you have anything! 🎶😁


  26. dreamykatie


    69 rep. Nice. 

  27. Paola17


    Been thinking about this one person recently... I hope they're doing well.
    Can't seem to find them, unfortunately.

  28. The Grohl

    The Grohl

    Holy crap. I interviewed Stefan Babcock of PUP for my first ever cover story for Illinois Entertainer!!!!!


    1. Rumpelstiltskin2000


      That's so cool

  29. HoneyEmerald


    I'm a complete wreck and you're amazing

    it's not absurd... you drive me crazy

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