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  4. 67kurt94


    Throwback to the first song I ever wrote, Ki (Na Na), way back in 2012. Fans of Punk/Indie rock will enjoy this. ūü鳬†

    Listen here-> https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/478724

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  6. Yosuke Hanamura

    Yosuke Hanamura

    Do I really want to experience this again?..

    $30 short buying the physical version mid-sentence


    Don’t look at me like that.


  7. squinty bitch

    squinty bitch

    Just had to walk 3.7 miles home from work in the heat carrying a 4 kilo bag. It took 2hrs and 10 mins. I'm not entirely sure I'm still actually alive lol

    1. BillieMyLove


      Oh my god, what happened to create this situation LOL?

    2. squinty bitch

      squinty bitch

      Some dumbasses parked their cars in the bus stop and my bus came early when there was already another bus there so my bus just went straight past and didn't stop. Didn't wanna wait another half hour for the next one cuz it was too hot and I was almost passing out so I contacted my mam, my dad, and my grandmother and they all refused to help me. At this point I was upset and had anxiety (I have pretty bad anxiety getting on the bus anyway due to an incident when I was like 10 lol) and knew I couldn't get on the bus at this point so my only option was to walk lol. I was pissed

    3. BillieMyLove


      Oh no, that really sucks. Yeah, busses can suck sometimes. 

  8. Gwen Stacy

    Gwen Stacy

    Just picked up AAF on vinyl! Truly the crown jewel in my collection so far

  9. Cooper Castille

    Cooper Castille

    I got very bored last night, so I spent over 2 hours browsing http://azlyrics.com to gather up all the lyrics to almost every Green Day song/album and put them into one Google Doc.


    1. Liam


      Couldn’t we just use AZ Lyrics?

  10. Daddy.


    Hey y'all - how you guys doing?

    1. squinty bitch

      squinty bitch

      More importantly, how are youuu?

  11. Mykeyway


    Figured out how to change my pfp... that sounded like I’m an idiot 

  12. BillieMyLove


    Wow, today is my one year anniversary on this site. I actually can't believe I survived a whole year here.¬†ūü§£¬†Also I am one post away from 3,000 and I am looking forward to changing my rank.

    1. Little Boy Named Booze

      Little Boy Named Booze

      3,000 posts about Billie's ass in a year is a LOT!!

    2. BillieMyLove


      I mean, they weren't ALL about his ass. Some were about his thighs. ūü§£¬†In all seriousness though, most were probably arguing with people in the Joey thread. So¬†glad that thing is gone. I doubt I will ever be able to do this many posts in a year again.

  13. Yosuke Hanamura

    Yosuke Hanamura

    Weird tomfoolery of me and my friends have been exposed. Take it as you will. IdontevenknowifIshouldbeembarrasedbythisornot


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    2. Yosuke Hanamura

      Yosuke Hanamura

      I could give you his Twitch if you want to see him stream, or send you an invite to his Discord server in which I’m a moderator if you’re interested (very anime/video game heavy though).

    3. BillieMyLove


      Thanks, but I am not on those sites and not really interested in joining. I stay off most social media. And I am not much into anime or games. :( But I appreciate that.


    4. Yosuke Hanamura

      Yosuke Hanamura

      No worries!

  14. Slave To The Network

    Slave To The Network

    I saw 3 rattlesnakes on a hiking trail today! Today was a good day!

  15. moonflower93


    My phone died RIP phone. 

  16. Penguin Puffball

    Penguin Puffball

    Frazzled. Could use a friend tonight.

  17. Penguin Puffball

    Penguin Puffball

    We no longer have a support thread for sexual violence survivors? That's....kinda bullshit. As a survivor still struggling, and I'm sure many others here feel the same (statistically speaking, about 12.5% of us on here have experienced sexual violence; if there are a million members, and I know there are more than that, that's 125,000 of us) can I make a new thread?

    1. Lindsay


      It looks like it was archived a few years back and no one has made one since (the forum has been a lot more quiet in recent years). I'm okay with you making another one!

    2. BillieMyLove


      Thanks for bringing attention to this. I never knew there was such a thread (I have only been on here for about a year), but I agree that it is needed. I think many people would be happy to see you create a new one. 

  18. The Grohl

    The Grohl

    My debut piece for Chorus.fm: How Fuse and 'Girl's Not Grey' spark A Fire Inside of me


  19. Tubbie Head

    Tubbie Head

    So, who else has fallen into the Måneskin rabbit hole after Eurovision and is now obsessed with the band? :lol: 


    1. GuitarPunk94


      I wanna be your slave
      I waaaanna be your master

      hi there :lol:

    2. Tubbie Head

      Tubbie Head

      Still can't stop listening to them! Just created a topic! 


  20. The Grohl

    The Grohl

    Me: Guys...I don't know, Maybe we shouldn't do concerts this year. You know...open up with caution.


    1. Yosuke Hanamura

      Yosuke Hanamura

      Accurate depiction of The Grohl attempting to find parking at Riot Fest


  21. Red


    My Chemical Romance is coming to AU next year. Who else is going!??

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    2. AlissaGoesRAWR


      They pushed it back to fall 2022 so here’s hoping it actually happens! Never thought I’d be in my 30s by the time the show happened. :lol: 

    3. Red


      Neither did I, but considering just a couple of years ago I was convinced I'd never ever get a chance to ever see them, I guess I will take what I can get ūüėÖ

      There's probably going to be a lot of other emo kids in their 30s showing up also so hopefully I won't come off as super weird ūü§£

    4. AlissaGoesRAWR


      Oh I think that's definitely the intended clientele! :lol: 

  22. Virginia Lot Lizard

    Virginia Lot Lizard

    I hope something exciting happens soon.

  23. Penguin Puffball

    Penguin Puffball

    Honey, I'm home! Let the shitposting commence.

  24. The Longshot

    The Longshot

    Love is for Losers!

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    2. Bakabanas


      I have to say, this city really looks like a ghost town.

    3. Kurthical


      It truly sucks to feel like a stranger stranded in the dark.

    4. Bakabanas


      I really hate to say it that I told you so, but I told you so: Only the lonesome got nowhere to run for the tears to go away. Please remember that.

  25. BeachBum


    can someone who is having issues uploading an profile pic send me a DM.  I am testing a fix and need a guinnie pig

    1. GreenDayBootlegs2010


      I had the problem to change the profile picture a while ago, but a moderator did the job for me to do it. Now I don't know how the situation will be.

    2. BeachBum


      We sorted out part of the issue. No solve for members but now any mod can make the change, that will be a @Fuzz fix when he has time.

  26. Slave To The Network

    Slave To The Network

    So yesterday I heard distressed animal noises coming from my yard and there was a crow with a baby bird on the neighbor's side of a chainlink fence. I tried to scare it away by yelling at it, but it kept picking it up, flipping it around, and pecking it like it was playing. I ran all the way down the street and into the neighbor's yard to try to intervene, but the crow had already flow off with the baby bird.
    This particular crow likes to bring things to our birdbath in the front garden, such as bread, and wash it there. This made me suspicious about what I might find there this time and sure enough, this crow had brought chunks of dead bird meat and dropped them in the birdbath. It did this multiple times and I knew it was going to keep it up, so I just finally hosed out the bath and turned it upside down.

    Fucking. Nature.

    TL;DR: A crow dropped chunks of baby bird in my birdbath after basically torturing it in front of me like a horror movie psychopath.

    1. Beerjeezus


      I didn’t know crows prey on other animals :o

    2. Slave To The Network

      Slave To The Network

      Apparently they do when they get the opportunity. I guess it's a lot more prevalent during nesting season. I've seen several crows recently with live and dead baby rabbits too.

    3. Beerjeezus


      :( I’m glad I never noticed. 

  27. Virginia Lot Lizard

    Virginia Lot Lizard

    What is this?

  28. squinty bitch

    squinty bitch

    Our ops manager sent a load of chocolate into work on my day off ūüė≠ūüė≠

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