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General Rules:

These are general rules that apply all across the forum, chat, and blogs:

  • Respect all members. This means no harassing other members for any reasons including age, gender, race, sexuality.
  • No fighting will be tolerated. Do not try to take things into your own hands, it usually just make things worse. Get in touch with a mod.
  • Please use English. We understand that we have many different members from non-English speaking countries, but most members speak English so we ask that everyone use it to try and give everyone a chance to be a part of the conversation. This includes no talking in internet/text speech. In other words "plz do not tlk lyke dis" it can be annoying and hard to understand and only makes it harder for those who don't speak English primarily.
  • Do not spam. This includes spamming of CAPS, emoticons, and useless or unrelated topics and posts.
  • Pornography or graphic images are not allowed on GDC at all. If you are going to post something that is NSFW but doesn't fall into those two categories, please place it in a spoiler.
  • No duplicate accounts. If you forgot your password or can't get into another account, contact a team member.
  • Please stick to the default font, size and color. Those features are there for people to use in their profiles/signatures, but using them in a post only makes them distracting and harder to read for everyone else.
  • When making a thread always search to make sure no one else has made that thread. If you make a thread and someone else has already done it, yours will be closed. 
  • Try to keep your posts smart and useful, avoid random unrelated posts or those which repeating what everyone else has said. Add to the conversation.
  • Do not post private messages in public without the explicit consent of all participating members. If there's a problem in PMs, report it to the mod team directly.
  • If you break any of our rules a mod will either give you a verbal warning or a temporary suspension depending on the situation. If given a verbal warning and we have anymore issues going forward you will be given a suspension. Continued problems will result in a permanent ban.


Downloads and Picture Forums:

These are some rules you need to remember when posting in the downloads or picture forums for either Green Day or other bands

  • The downloads section has some pretty basic rules which is essentially no posting download links to copyrighted material. To see a full list of what you can and can't post, please check out the thread in the download section.
  • The main rule in the picture forum is respecting the family members photo privacy. Once again you can check out the thread in the picture section to have a better idea.

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to PM any of the moderating team. We're all here to help make GDC the best forum around, so we welcome your feedback, suggestions, and are happy to help you if we can.

And of course,

Don't be a dick!


Privacy Policy

We will not sell your email or content posted here to any third party sites. We collect your IP address as a security precaution, but only use this information for verification and statistical analytics. None of this private information is shared with anyone outside our team unless required by law. 

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