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  2. Eric



    1. Hermione


      It's sad. He had so many great songs while I was growing up/getting into rap. This was always the most powerful to me 


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  4. Hermione

    • Hermione
    • Beerjeezus

    We are duelling for most rep of all time right now. You're going to overtake me but just noticed we're neck and neck and found it interesting haha

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    2. Hermione


      I think we've only had rep since a year or two before you joined so it's not that different (plus being a mod gives an unfair advantage). So congrats to you!

    3. Beerjeezus


      Thank you!

    4. Little Boy Named Booze

      Little Boy Named Booze

      Damn Beerjeezus is now #1
      Congrats! I'm coming for you. In 10 years I'm gonna be really close.

  5. Kurthical

    • Kurthical
    • Beerjeezus

    Kdo nepije s námi,

    pije proti nám.

    1. Beerjeezus


      A kdo chvíli nepil, již pije opodál.

  6. MillenniumFan


    My band’s debut single “Feelin’ Fine” is out now! Check it out on Spotify / YouTube: 


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    2. greendepent


      I understand your position. I have seen a lot of people waiting for "proper release or recording" for so much time, that when the time arrived they lost momentum and then making a full stop. So I think is good you decided to release this even is not in the best conditions to do it so.

      For the picky guitar, I was talking about the 2:35 one. Just for building texture on the song. And for studio, if you know about recording, I'd go to invest in some interfaces and mics and do it yourself instead of going to pro studios. That is the step to do when you are an established band, but if you are on your first years, better do it yourself :)

    3. MillenniumFan


      Yeah, that was kinda our thinking. Also, thanks for the advice! I suppose just by recording tracks seperately and with a slight upgrade in the equipment we could already get a much better end-result 👍

    4. greendepent


      It does. It leaves you freedom to edit better later. Just keep going :)

  7. Joe Cool

    • Joe Cool
    • Fuzz

    Here to gawk at the “professional cocksmith” title

    1. Amanda


      Here to admire how much my cute baby boy has grown, and to wonder how my midlife crisis is doing. Two for the price of one  xx

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  9. Little Boy Named Booze

    Little Boy Named Booze

    It's this time of the year again! Every April 2nd I can change my username. Any suggestions? 
    Or am I staying with LBNB?

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    2. Little Boy Named Booze

      Little Boy Named Booze

      100% sure my new username will be about Popper Punk if I do a poll

    3. BillieMyLove


      Little Boy Named Anal Nitrate 🤣

    4. Little Boy Named Booze

      Little Boy Named Booze

      Ok I'm keeping my username

  10. Slave To The Network

    Slave To The Network

    Uh oh! This forum has become @Little Boy Named Booze's worst nightmare. :lol:

    1. Little Boy Named Booze

      Little Boy Named Booze


  11. GreenDayBootlegs2010


    Can anyone change their profile picture? I can't change my photo because it doesn't open the folder to add the photo. Help me!

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    2. Hermione


      Hi, since I'm around I uploaded it for you on Todd's behalf. We've been having a problem with it not working for everyone recently, hopefully to be fixed at some point.

    3. GreenDayBootlegs2010


      Thank you so much :cry:

    4. Hermione


      No problem!

  12. Tre's Busted Drumkit

    • Tre's Busted Drumkit
    • Liam


    1. Liam


      How's the wife?

      Oh wait...

  13. Little Boy Named Booze

    Little Boy Named Booze

    I need your help guys! I'm on a new Green Day video project and I would like to have some repetitive lyrics in different song.

    Troubled Times
     is said in Hitchin' A Ride and 99 Revolutions (and of course Troubled Times)
    What's his face is said in Prosthetic Head, Whatsername, and Loss of Control
    I know some words like Valentines or speed of sound is used often too.

    Thanks to you! When the video will be out i'll post it here.

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    2. Beerjeezus


      HCTS and Revrad have a bunch of common catchphrases

    3. green day is

      green day is

      "stop when the red lights flash" is interesting for being ad-libbed in That's Alright Mama and later appearing on the trilogy

    4. Beerjeezus


      Drinking the kool-aid repeats too -Wild One an something from FOAM? Junkies On The High.

  14. Clockwise


    New song by yours truly. 


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    2. Clockwise


      Thanks so much!!

    3. BillieMyLove


      I finally got around to watching/listening to this, and it is awesome! Are you a professional, because you should be? I freaked out a little at the beginning because the view out your window looked awfully familiar. Also love the Beatles' Yellow Submarine record in the corner. Also, can I say you're cute? I feel like everyone on this site is adorable LOL

    4. Clockwise


      Aww shucks, thanks a lot!!

  15. Little Boy Named Booze

    Little Boy Named Booze

    Donald Trump on Broadway.
    Really? 😂 

    I'm gonna be uploading a lot more on my channel from now on.

  16. The Grohl

    The Grohl

    Extra copy of Insomniac has been claimed :)


  17. The Grohl

    The Grohl

    Warner screwed up and sent me 2 copies of Insomniac orange vinyl, so I'm selling a copy. See post in Insomniac thread for details.

    1. That Dude

      That Dude

      Just save one for when you have to eat a copy because something unlikely happened in the world of Green Day.   

      I get offended when people munch on Nimrod, but Insomniac is okay to bite.   


  18. monkeyupinspace


    got a 10% discount code for the gd warner eu store. code G61N20D if someone wants it. idk if it works for the us version. 

  19. Kurthical


    Back in the 90s, I was in a very famous TV show

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    2. Little Boy Named Booze

      Little Boy Named Booze

      I'm in an episode of FRIENDS with Sheenius too.

    3. BillieMyLove


      I finally watched this. Nice prank LOL.

    4. Kurthical


      I wholeheartedly recommend watching the show. :)

  20. Yosuke Hanamura

    Yosuke Hanamura

    Wait, Pop Punk is back in the Hot 100 and I wasn’t informed?


  21. SumDay


    Germany is literally killing itself rn with corona. I'm so fucking frustrated, so I wrote a poem; I never did that before, I was surprised by its cathartic effect: 


    'I can’t take this no more!'

    they proudly proclaimed –

    whilst willingly facing

    none of their shame.


    the nurses and doctors;

    they fought their war.

    the pastors, morticians;

    furbished the gore.


    so they can live on

    their obnoxious lifes,

    whilst never choking

    on blatant lies.


    instead their victims do –

    struggling for air

    hopeless and anxious

    alone in despair;

    contesting death

    in a fight that’s not fair.


    I hope they’re happy now

    there is no end in sight;

    they got what they wanted –

    but we lost everything tonight.

  22. The Grohl

    The Grohl

    New interview!! Very excited about this one! I spoke with Royal Blood's Ben Thatcher!!


    1. That Dude

      That Dude

      Nice! That's one of those newer bands that have caught my ear more than once.   They haven't got me hooked yet, but show some real promise.   Going to go give them some spins this morning and see what else I can find.  

    2. The Grohl

      The Grohl

      Thanks! I highly recommend their first self titled album. It's just good, raw rock music. Their new album is also really good but that comes out in April.

  23. Slave To The Network

    Slave To The Network

    I feel so old! It's only 11:30pm and I've only had like half a bottle of wine and I'm ready to fall asleep.

  24. FruitbasketCase


    My period was late, so naturally I had a panic attack and assumed I was pregnant.... until I remembered that I'm a virgin taking birth control.

    1. BillieMyLove


      I have been through this LOL. A couple of years ago my period screwed up over stress and they actually pregnancy tested me at the doctor's office even though there was no way I could be pregnant LOL. Of course I wasn't pregnant and thankfully my period went back to normal on its own.

  25. The Grohl

    The Grohl

  26. pouty bitch

    pouty bitch

    They just killed off one of my favourite characters from one of my favourite TV shows like right in the middle of a really good storyline wtf I'm so mad 😡😭

  27. Little Boy Named Booze

    Little Boy Named Booze

    I'll probably be back to my roots soon.
    I'm on my 6th straight weeks of not drinking from Sunday to Thursday.
    It's getting pretty hard. I'm thirsty!

    1. BillieMyLove



    2. Sheenius


      I'm getting hard too

    3. Little Boy Named Booze

      Little Boy Named Booze

      Love you Sheen!

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