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Green Day is out playing baseball stadiums on #hellamegatour2021. We first met just before American Idiot released. I happened to have a massive hangover the day they played me their record. I swear my hangover was over by the time it finished. They came to Fuse a lot during that cycle, I think every time they were in NYC. So often that Billie Joe and Trey started remembering Rachel and Cookies names. This laminate was the very last concert they played at the end of the American Idiot tour of nearly two years. They played over two hours in the Fuse studio. They began with all of of American Idiot, then continued played the hits. 200 lucky kids surrounded them just feet away. There were another 200 outside on the sidewalk. Awesome moments from my career.


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Saw this on Twitter. Looks like a cool old Green Day poster or flyer for a Japanese tour


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A band I have been a fan of since middle school. One of my first CDs -- Dookie and Smoothed Out. Excited to photograph


tomorrow at


. Was also shocked to realize Billie Joe is only 10 years older than me... also that chicken scratch would be Tre Cool.

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Old flyer from Gilman Street? 


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Another cool flyer for a show in Vienna in 2013


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