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Jason White playing guitar and DJ-ing - The Rake at Admiral Maltings - 12 August 2023 (free)


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Also Summerfazed is Greg Schneider and Winter Animals is the former Dead Sound so likely Bill Schneider. It’s a day of music from the Green Day touring crew

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Jason is great. The Influents albums are wonderful for example. Always loved his voice, in Pinhead Gunpowder it was sometimes hard for me to know, if it's Billie or him singing, and there are those songs, where they both sing different parts.


Looking forward to the new Pinhead Gp record!

40 minutes ago, Uninvited said:

Jason debuted a new Pinhead Gunpowder song that will be on their upcoming album. Here's the link to the video: https://youtu.be/Zl7ip2q2Nn4.

Nice Song! Were you the one filming or how come you have the link to an unlisted Video? ;)

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I can hardly believe he just said all that so casually! Nice song, think it could be one of those that gets better and better.  Would like to hear Billie sing it, much as I love Jason I do prefer Billie’s voice, or they could duet.  I really love when they sing together.

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58 minutes ago, BrendanL said:

I really like this! You can tell that it’s going to sound great in a full band arrangement, with Billie, Aaron, and Bill in the mix… it’s got the makings of a classic PHGP song. If this is any indication of the quality of the upcoming record, it’s really exciting. I hope the record is announced soon, along with some shows


this is fucking perfect!

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