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    No offense but I cant even find the words to tell you how wrong you are lmao I can only laugh Anyway. Hans or whatever certainly isn't the reason he left. He would've just fired him and not deleted his own Instagram
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    Why would you name a song Bouncing Off the WALL when the lyric is clearly bouncing off the WALLS?
  4. 9 points
    So my plan of getting on stage and just start humping him wouldn’t be appropriate?
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    I don't want this debate to continue but I believe it's important to say that denying existence of nazism is not only unacceptable but downright appaling. It's fucking disgusting. Just don't do it.
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    I heard it was Billie himself who gave birth
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    Billie died in 2003 of a drunk driving accident and was replawod with a double who had won a lookalike contest a few years earlier. Thats why they wore masks forbthe network to cover up a fewearlieuc surgeries rhe guy had to do look exactly like billie joe. Thats why the band had sucj an image change and billies singing style and even his soeaking voice sounds different and he started talking more and being more invested in tv interviews and shit. Not to mention the change in lyrical content. The clues are hidden in songs and albun covers.for exame ha ha youre dead or the scuicide of st jimmy.billie was st jimmy and american idiot was the imposters story of hearing green day and finding himself in their music and then his hero died. The beatles pulled this same scam on the public as well.
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    I think this might be my favorite pic of the 3 of them. 😍
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    This is so fucking cute
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    "What strengths do you bring to this job and what would you say your greatest weaknesses are?" "Where do you see yourself in five years?" "Do you have any questions for me?" Just mundane job interview questions! I love it! 😂
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    "Why do you think you are suited to this role?"
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    Just been scrolling through pics of Billie on Instagram because I'm missing him like crazy, and it's making me realise that even though I've loved him for years now, I still don't always realise how amazing he truly is. Like, the man is literally perfection. He's kind and compassionate, sweet and caring, he has such a huge heart, he's strong and he has a lot of courage, he's passionate about everything he loves and he stands up for what he believes in, he's open and honest and he pours his absolute heart and soul into every song he writes and every show he plays, he feels things so deeply which I assume can sometimes have a negative effect on him unfortunately but I think that's why he cares about certain things so much and I really admire him for that, he's not afraid to show his emotions, he's a total family man and a wonderful parent, he's talented and incredibly hard-working, he's so loyal and genuine, he's funny and goofy and a little bit awkward at times (in such a lovable way), and yeah he's made mistakes but he's human, and to me his imperfections are what make him perfect. The fact that he's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my entire life is just the cherry on top, he really is the whole package. He's everything I could ever love about somebody, all rolled into a tiny adorable bundle of eyeliner, bellie and fluffy hair. My ideal human.❤️ But yeah, sorry for rambling (I had to get that off my chest). In short, I love Billie Joe Armstrong.❤️
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    In other news, it’s a BOY!!!
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    My legs gave way when I got onstage I don't know if it was all nerves or because I was ill but either way, it was quite a good moment I was pretty frozen for most of it tbh, but Know Your Enemy is so fast moving you have to just get on with it. I remember being glad it wasn't Longview because I thought I'd have been too nervous to sing for that long. That was just stage fright though. Enjoy
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    Hey all, In my spare time of not teaching 3rd grade and not making BJ Guitars, I put together a little video to The Longshot's Chasing a Ghost using a montage of live footage from their tour. I'm not looking to profit off of this and I gave credit to all the vids I used from YouTube that were public. I hope you enjoy and if you were there, maybe you'll even see yourself!!! I was going to post it on my YouTube page, but my 12 year old son is DYING to get subscribers....he's so proud of himself that he's up to 150 😂 so when you watch it, if you don't mind, subscribe to him and he'll be so happy. He posts stuff about his life and Fortnite and other stuff that 12 year old boys are into lol... Chasing a Ghost video
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    That's what Billie Joe would have wanted.
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    I think some people in this thread are taking life a little too seriously. It's Friday, go out, have a drink and get laid. You will feel better in the morning.
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    Man I miss when this thread was light hearted and funny.
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    Okay, we've given you a lot of leeway with all these threads, but enough is enough. If you wanna discuss random Green Day things, please check if there's already a thread created it can fit in or post in this thread:
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    Yeah, these are all good ideas. Let's stop now.
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    wHYdon't yaWAsh ya hands - sO dIRty
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    Was that Wembley Stadium? I was there and I got some (shitty) pictures of this little boy hugging him