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Nize Crap

Annie, get your gun

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That's great! So you play drums? I'm sure with that you're gonna sound - :cool: !

I like the phrase of the case: "Stolen from Tré Cool" :lol:

Well,most of all in school. :lol: I want to go to a music school ... where I want to learn how to play drums, because I want to play more instruments than just the guitar. :P

And yeah, me too! Hahaha :lol:

But the case is kind of expensive. =/ Will see...

So maybe I will buy the drum sticks first of all.

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My ''Nize Crap'' I got today. <3 (I know it maybe doesnt belong in here, but this is still nize crap. :D


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I've never seen these before, but I think they're quite amazing.



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Oh yes :blush: I like the comics of this girl, they're cute and funny! :lol:

(You should put the credit if you know who is she)

Good call :thumbsup:

Cece-luvfop on deviantART for everyone who's interested! Her comics are adorable!



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They should totally be the actors for the AI movie.

This x 10000000000.

awh they really are :wub:

ikr? :wub:

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this is german.. so in english: best band in the world -> Did you mean: Green Day :eyebrows:


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