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Billie Joe's Clothes

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  • Pip
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Im trying to find where to buy/what to type in for what Billie Joe wears...Billie Joe's clothes are just urgh Perfect but if any of you know or have any links for these 7 items then it will help a ton. The items are:

the blue striped shirt

The white striped shirts

The black and grey shirt with the X's

The black shirt with the custom patches on it

the slugger shirt

the long sleeve red and black shirt

And the shirt he wore at the iHeartRadio Festival


PS im new to this thing so i dont have a clue what im doing 




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Lady Nightlife

Lady Nightlife
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I'm pretty sure most of the stuff he wears on stage with the patches and x's and all of that are custom made for him.

Stacie Anne

Stacie Anne
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just buy the base clothes then customise them yourself? it's not hard to do, you just need basic sewing skills and some free time. look on eBay for the starting points and go from there.


and ye Kay's right, his clothes are custom made for him, you can't buy them.

Tightwad Hill

Tightwad Hill
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The Slugger shirt is on sale at GDA



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The black and grey shirt with the xxs on the back is so sick
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Funky Kong

Funky Kong
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If I had to wager a guess I would assume most of his stage wear is custom. But I could be wrong.


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I want one of those X shirts too there so fucking awesome!!!! I love Billie Joe's entire wardrobe although a lot of his clothes are way too small for him, I love how much of a rebel he is though

Invention Convention

Invention Convention
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I need to have the blue striped t shirt

(Reading 2001) been looking for literally years!!

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If you want the clothes he wears I'm afraid you have to make them yourself :P I made a boring dress look great with 2 big XX like the ones he has on the back of one of his shirts :happy:

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