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Wanting to make a big difference for Brittney and other people...

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Hey I know I am new and everything but...

I really want to make a big difference to Mike & Brittney and to help raise money for other cancer charities.

But I'm pretty much stuck for ideas.

I was going to do a hash tag picture to try and get people to show their support for Brittney,

but I'm pretty sure that isn't enough. I want to help people do something big to help kick cancers ass.

So I wanted to kinda ask what you guys think we should do to help,

even if it isn't donating money maybe there is another way to show support

for people dealing with cancer and Brittney.

Thank you.

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There already is a thread about the situation. As Kay said, there isn't much we can do. She is a human being, and prying into it desperate to help probably won't do much good.

This is the already existing thread.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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