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Various old Kerrang & NME magazines featuring Green Day for sale

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Hey guys, I'm selling a bunch of NME and Kerrang issues from 2005 and 2009. I can send them anywhere within the EU (postage will cost a bit more for outside the UK). Here's the link to my eBay page, and the list of what's on offer is here:


  • Legends Special Edition, entirely about Green Day (2009).
  • June 18th 2005 - "Green Day Take Over Kerrang." The one where the band took on the role of editors for the magazine.
  • May 9th 2009 - "We've made the album of our lives."
  • June 27th 2009 - "Green Day: Everything you wanted to know about the punk megastars."


  • February 19th 2005 - "Backstage and on the road with the world's biggest band." 2005 American Idiot UK tour recap with a huge feature on the Brighton gig.
  • June 18th 2005 - "Green Day pick their all-time punk anthems."
  • November 18th 2006 - "How to take over the world, by Green Day & U2."
  • June 6th 2009 - "Billie Joe: My lyrics come from a really dark place."

So if any of you completists out there are interested, that'd be great :P

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