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Green Day and Other Bands

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So, I thought we should all make a list here of bands that the boys in Green Day like, the bands that they DON'T like, and the bands that like and don't like Green Day. Also, we can include other people (politicians, celebrities, etc.) here that are relevant. To give a little start:

Famous Green Day fans:

-Joey Ramone

-Johnny Ramone

-Glen Matlock (he went to one of their concerts, apparently, and quite enjoyed himself!)

-Joe Strummer (really liked Billie Joe)

-Lady Gaga

-Jello Biafra (or, at the very least, he respects the band/doesn't hate them - he has defended them, along with Rancid and The Offspring, from those who consider them to be sellouts)

-Lil Wayne (yes, really)

-Less Than Jake

-Pansy Division (they've toured with Green Day, to boot, and Tre has flirted with them)

-Bowling for Soup (Jaret is apparently friends with Billie - can anyone confirm?)


-Bruno Mars (I think)

-Judd Apatow (not positive, but with all the references in his movies/Billie's appearance in This is 40, I wouldn't be surprised)

Famous Green Day haters:

-John Lydon (really hates Green Day; apparently doesn't like The Ramones, either, and may not have been a Clash fan, too; ironically, he likes Lady Gaga)

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We actually already have a thread to talk about famous Green Day fans. You can check it out here. :)

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