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Least Preferred Songs?

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Drain Bramaged

Drain Bramaged
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If you had to omit one song from each Green Day studio album what would they be?







American Idiot:

21st Century Breakdown:




I'm interested to see what songs GD fans are skipping over or disregarding when listening to the albums!

39/Smooth: Rest

Kerplunk: Private Ale

Dookie: Emenius Sleepus

Insomniac: Westbound Sign

Nimrod: Last Ride In

Warning: Warning

American Idiot: She's a Rebel

21st Century Breakdown: 21 Guns

¡Uno!: Fell For You

¡Dos!: Ashley

¡Tré!: 8th Avenue Serenade

Steven Seagull

Steven Seagull
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I would like to post my answer, but since this is a list thread and the mods are assholes they will lock it anyway. Sorry man. Least favorite song: Letterbomb


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39/Smooth: Green Day

Kerplunk: 2,000 Light Years Away

Dookie: Coming Clean

Insomniac: Westbound Sign

Nimrod: Take Back

Warning: Hold On

American Idiot: Are We The Waiting

21st Century Breakdown: Before The Lobotomy

¡Uno!: Carpe Diem

¡Dos!: Nightlife

¡Tré!: Little Boy Named Train


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before it taken down :P


39/Smooth: Rest

Kerplunk: My Generation

Dookie: --

Insomniac: --

Nimrod: Last Ride In

Warning: --

American Idiot: Extraordinary Girl

21st Century Breakdown: - 21 Guns

¡Uno!: Sweet 16

¡Dos!: Nightlife

¡Tré!: Drama Queen

I would like to post my answer, but since this is a list thread and the mods are assholes they will lock it anyway. Sorry man. Least favorite song: Letterbomb

it's a "least" not a "list" =D

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Koal Koalson

Koal Koalson
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39/Smooth: Green Day

Kerplunk: Private Ale

Dookie: All by Myself (it's a Live song)

Insomniac: Jaded

Nimrod: Last Ride In

Warning: Deadbeat Holiday / Fashion Victim

American Idiot: ---

21st Century Breakdown: 21 Guns

¡Uno!: Oh Love

¡Dos!: Wild One

¡Tré!: A Little Boy Named Train / The Forgotten


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You guys are all dicks :P


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39/Smooth: ... Dislike the whole album, sorry, please don't beat me.

Kerplunk: Sweet Children

Dookie: Burnout

Insomniac: Brain stew/ Jaded

Nimrod: Last Ride In

Warning: Fashion Victim

American Idiot: None

21st Century Breakdown: Can't pick just one.

¡Uno!: Troublemaker

¡Dos!: Nightlife, Lady Cobra

¡Tré!: A Little Boy Named Train


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Nightlife and 21 Guns no other I would prefer less.


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where are you tom? time to do your job. 


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The Disappearing Boy

The Disappearing Boy
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39/Smooth: Rest. Slow and boring, but the harmonies are quite good.

Kerplunk: Welcome to paradise, and the last 4 songs. Might start listening to them again, though.

Dookie: All by Myself. Who even listens to that anyway? :lol:

Insomniac: It's been a while since I listened to it so I can't remember, probably Westbound Sign and Tightwad Hill

Nimrod: Last Ride In. Boring Instrumental. All the Time - just isn't interesting. Prosthetic Head - it's just never caught my attention.

Warning: Again, it's been a while since I listened to it, but probably the song Warning - it's not very interesting.

American Idiot: She's a Rebel and Extraordinary Girl. Easily the two worst songs on the album.

21st Century Breakdown: Song of the Century - see All by Myself. Christians Inferno and Horseshoes and Handgrenades - these songs should never have existed.

¡Uno!: Carpe Diem and everything past Kill the DJ

¡Dos!: Most of it apart from Lazy Bones. And maybe Lady Cobra. I obviously dislike Nightlife.

¡Tré!: The Forgotten. Boring and cliched.


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Hot dogs.


  • Soggy Dream

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I'm afraid we don't like to have threads where the answers are just lists of songs with no discussion so I'm going to close this (read this blog post for more info on why we close threads). Feel free to use this Least Favourite Green Day Song thread to discuss your least favourite songs from each album if you'd like. Or if you want to specifically talk about songs that you skip (and why) go ahead and use the Least Played Green Day Song thread  :)

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