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The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread

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32 minutes ago, gaslight13 said:

I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me when I’ve been fangirling over different band dudes over the years. And it can suck because while that band member might’ve given you the idea, it doesn’t mean you’re just doing it because of them. But most people don’t get it. So now if, for example, I tell a funny story about a band member or something I’ll say “my friend” instead of Billie Joe or something. It’s amazing the difference. People will laugh or be like “that’s really cool”  vs the eyeroll and dismissive response. If it doesn’t bother you though then great! Also, BJA is way cooler than Dragonball Z, haha.

It bothers me a bit, not for me because people can still say how they find my haircut (before I say it's Billie inspired... :P) , but more because of what people seem to think of Billie, when I see their reactions. Even before realizing how crazy a fangirl I was, the first times I mentioned my fandom of Billie people were just meh. Well :fuckyou: these people 

I have to say though, it's one of my friends who seem the most annoyed by my Billie fandom in general, who proposed me to renew my look and he accompanied me to the hairdresser. Then I showed the photo of Billie and the magic started. My friend, who watched during the +3 hours the thing lasted, said at the end that it looked really well on me. So the Billie factor would maybe not have been enough to get that haircut this soon, my friend's exhortation was the second factor to make it happen. (As for my other friend, we have shared some manga delirium, hence the DBZ ref :P but of course in my mind Billie was the highest level of comparison :wub:.)

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41 minutes ago, letsdanceon said:

😂😂 seeing that notification pop up was the highlight of my life, no one else understands 😆

We do :hug:

So what the heck is pork magazine and how did you recognize that patch? He had to be mightily impressed.

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