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Green Day TOP 10 Singles

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So best music means most successful music so Justin Bieber is the best musician in the scene right now?

No... I mean that if you are going to determine the best SINGLES, then popularity and success are factors. Single means released to mainstream radio. Best song would be a totally different story and not based on popularity at all. The connotation of the word single implies that bands are trying to market the song, therefore their best singles are the ones that marketed the best.

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I would take out Kill the DJ and put Waiting.

JOS should be put first. 

I would put Wake Me up when september ends or Holiday ( was that in the list? I forgot)  and take out brain stew. 


umm the rest is good. I would switch the order around a bit I guess. 


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I would have taken out Jesus of Suburbia and replaced it with American Idiot. I know a lot of my friends who aren't Green Day fans know about American Idiot, but not so much about JOS

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Another list...this time from Green Day's best non-singles http://indscene.co.u...10-non-singles/


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I'm a little bit surprised American Idiot, Longview, and Welcome to Paradise didn't make it. Here's my top 10 Green Day songs, all of which are singles.

1. Boulevard of Broken Dreams

2. American Idiot

3. Basket Case

4. Welcome to Paradise (Dookie)

5. Let Yourself Go

6. Holiday

7. Jesus of Suburbia

8. Longview

9. Geek Stink Breath

10. East Jesus Nowhere

Not sure if I was supposed to do that here, but whatever.

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