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Trilogy songs you think belonged on the other album

Are there any songs on Uno, Dos and Tre you feel were misplaced and fit the other album more? Only for the trilogy, not on any older albums.

Here are my picks:


Let Yourself Go DOS

Kill The DJ DOS

Troublemaker Dos


Lazy Bones Tre

Wild One Tre

Stray Heart Tre


Drama Queen Dos

X-Kid Uno

Those are a few songs I felt should have been placed on the other albums rather than the albums they were put on.

Do you have any choices?

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I guess this is going to be closed. So...

Kill The DJ -> Dos

Lazy Bones -> Tre

8th Avenue Serenade -> Uno

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let's play befeore they shut us down

Sweet 16>Dos

Baby Eyes>Uno

Stray Heart>Tré

Drama Queen>Dos

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8th Avenue Serenade->Uno


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Hmm I wonder how some of you guessed this was going to be closed..

You can talk about this in the trilogy thread, or in the green day lists thread in Shenanigans :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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