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What sort of set-list are you expecting?

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With 11 studio albums, what sort of set-list are you expecting for the UnoDosTre tour? Based on the structure of the 3 hour shows on the 21st Century Breakdown tour, this is what I came up with:

If it's a 3 hour show with old and new, here is the set-list i expect:

1. Welcome To Paradise

2. Murder City

3. Know Your Enemy

4. Nuclear Family

5. Stay The Night

6. Let Yourself Go

7. Kill The DJ

8. It's Fuck Time

9. Stop When The Red Lights Flash

10. Stray Heart

11. 8th Avenue Serenade

12. X-Kid

13. Oh Love

14. Longview

15. Hitchin' A Ride

16. Brain Stew

17. St. Jimmy

18. Basket Case

19. She

20. 21 Guns

21. Holiday

22. 21st Century Breakdown

23. East Jesus Nowhere

24. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

25. Dirty Rotten Bastards

26. 99 Revolutions


27. American Idiot

28. Jesus Of Suburbia

----------------------------ACOUSTIC ENCORE--------------------

29. Amy

30. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

It fits in alot of new songs and all the old classics. Missing the first 2 albums, but they don't get played alot so I think they won't be in regular rotation.

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As Ceadog mentioned, we already have a thread for this. Please post and discuss via the link above.

Thanks Dawg! :)

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