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Getting Ready for GreenDay returning to NewYork Aprl7th!

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Its time to get our chance, once again, to see GreenDay shred on stage at the barckaly's center Arena in Brooklyn NewYork(believe the hype lmao) I have and was lucky to be in attendance at the Oct27 2011, and Sept 15,2012 shows, oh my fuckin god I was not disappointed. I also wanna commend Billie Joe for the Vegas show, even though the band on his behalf apologized, I personally feel that after sept15, that i heart fest really wasnt suitable for them.( just my opinion.)

So we now can reclaim the fact that the cds released by Greenday are def more potent than and like the years before, i am fuckin excited to hopefully get my opportunity to see them Aprl 7th, I do plan to have a date with me at this show, if she cannot attentd, then I am not gonna try and purchase a ticket....I will just show up on the bands behalf and hang around till they come out after their kickass set.

goodluck to recovery from the media and feeling better everyday(Billie Joe, Do not regret a fuckin thing) I luv this band, still. From late 93--present

Anyone can check my FaceBook, My name is Rob DeFlora-Scrat, the cover photo is from Oct27,2011.

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There's a forum here for discussing shows :). But hae a great time, I think everyone here is pumped! Espically those who have never seen green day live :).

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