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Speechless & Redundant

Green Day Lyric-to-Lyric Game

Maybe then someone can help me to find a better name for this xD

But let me show you how this works.

The idea is to create lyrics from existing Green Day Lyrics.


Take away the sensation inside...

...My mind is set on overdrive.

Something like that (not the best example, but it's the idea)

Then you continue with the idea.

The thing is to create fun and interesting lyrics.

Let's see if this works out, hope you like it.

I'll start:

"Waking up, feeling naked...

when masturbation's lost it's fun."

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shouldn't this be in shenanigans

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"she, she screams in silence...

serving spells and voodoo shakes!"

hows that?

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Games like this belong in a section of the forum called Shenanigans, you can't see it yet but when you have over 100 posts you'll be able to. Once you've reached 100 posts you can suggest this idea for a thread there :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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