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How do you rate the trilogy in Green Day's catalog of albums?

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It’s really tough because it changes from time to time, from mood to mood. Plus, the trilogy is still too fresh to find a definite position in my ranking. I mean, thousands of memories and feelings are connected especially with Warning, AI and 21CBD (memories of my youth, of long lost loves, of live-performances etc.). For the trilogy, all those feelings and memories are yet to come, and I know they will. Anyway, right now, I love Uno, Dos and Tré as a whole and I would rank them, without splitting them into three pieces, like this (temporarily):


  1. American Idiot (It’s just a masterpiece, as many of you have already said)
  2. Warning (I love the vibe of that album, it has something special to it that I can’t describe, I think you know what I mean)
  3. Trilogy (Lazy Bones, Brutal Love and Dirty Rotten Bastards have a pretty good chance to become some of my all-time-favorites)
  4. 21st Century Breakdown (yeah hate me for ranking 21CB before Dookie, but as I said, it has a lot to do with emotions and feelings, and this album helped me through a really tough time, that’s why I love it ;))
  5. Dookie (Definitely some of the best GD songs, especially live, but there are also some songs I don’t like, e.g. In the End and FOD)
  6. Nimrod (Redundant and King for a Day are two of my favorites, though, I just love them)
  7. Kerplunk (No One Knows is one of their best ballads, though, I probably like it more than Good Riddance)
  8. Insomniac (I like it, too, but I have to be in a very special mood to listen to it from start to end)
  9. 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hour (Some really cool songs, no question, but I miss the characteristic GD sound they developed later)

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1. American idiot - Masterpiece! 'Nuff said

2. 21st Century breakdown - This album is the closest to american idiot, which got me interested in green day in the first place. perfect follow-up and keeping the style that I love. This album have some of their strongest melodies. 

3. Dookie - Pure fun! meaningless, yet meaningful lyrics filled with humor and sarcasm. Oh, and great melodies :)

4. 1039/smoothed out slappy hours - Although this albums has its weaker moments, these lyrics have a way of getting to me every time I hear them! The way Billie managed to so elegantly put his finger on a lot of  the feelings and issues of a teenager is just brilliant, and is probably why this one goes so high up on the list for me, despite it being a rather low-quality album. 

5. Trilogy - muscially it's quite good, although it suffers under its own weight. There are quite a few fillers and less memorable songs, but the good stuff is good! Haven't  really been out long enough for me to have any sentimental attachment to it, therefore I can't put it higher on the list. 

6. Kerplunk - Again, the lyrics gets to me, although not to the same extent as 1039. Still a fun listen with some personal value. 


The last albums are somewhat "meh" to me, but I still like them. These are all albums that I very rarely listen to, and I don't really have any reason to rank one above the other. I think I would do it like this though: 


7. Nimrod -

8. Warning

9. Insomniac

10. Shenanigans (hardly an album, but what the hell) 


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1 American Idiot

2 Dookie

3 Uno/Dos/Trè

4 21st Century Breakdown

5 Insomniac

6 Nimrod

7 Kerplunk

8 Warning

9 1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours


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1.) Nimrod

2.) Dookie

3.) Kerplunk

4.) 1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours

5.) Insomniac

6.) Warning

7.) American Idiot

8.) Tre

9.) 21st Century Breakdown

10.) Dos

11.) Uno


^^ That was really hard to do.


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My current ranking:


1. Warning

2. ¡Tré!

3. ¡Dos!

4. Insomniac

5. Kerplunk

6. American Idiot

7. Nimrod

8. Dookie

9. 39/Smooth

10. ¡Uno!

11. 21st Century Breakdown


Trilogy = Win, but ¡Uno! wasn't very good imo


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For me right now:








7.American Idiot


9.1039/Smoothed Out Slappey Hours


11.21st Century Breakdown


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1. Nimrod (most variety, most energy IMO)


2. Warning (completely different, made things from going stale)


3. Insomniac (A darker album that kicks Dookie's ass)


4. Tre! (Since I love the style of Nimrod, this was exactly what I was looking for)


5. American Idiot (Probably the greatest album of the decade theoretically)


6.  Kerplunk! (A great album, only a few slumps)


7.  Uno! (A breath of fresh air after AI and 21st CB... Back to basics)


8.. Dookie (One of the most repetitive albums ever.. Sorry!)


9.. 21st CB (Even though it has good songs, it is too long and kind of a ripoff of AI)


10. Dos! (This should have been a Foxboro Hottub album, because most of the tracks lost my interest.)


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1. American Idiot
2. !Uno!

3. 21st Century Breakdown

4. !Tré!

5. Warning

6. Nimrod

7. !Dos!

8. Dookie.
11. Kerplunk

12. 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours

favorite son 101

favorite son 101
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1) American Idiot

2) 21st Century Breakdown 

3) Tre!


5) Dos!

6) Uno!


8) Nimrod


But When Put together the Trilogy is the Best Fucking Thing they have ever done !!!!

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