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Green Day is definitely the new "The Who" of this generation!

I have been following Green Day since Dookie and their gradual growth and progression. I just fell in love with American Idiot. So many different styles and songs. Billie joe is a frickin genius. I have seen them live three times here in Buffalo NY and each time they were better and better. The 2nd time they played they added No Doubt's horn section and they played at Erie Community College here in Buffalo NY . It was so loud in there I walked out and was deaf for 3 days. They played at Darien Lake (Near Buffalo NY) with Blink 182 and that was a blast. I have yet to listen to all the 3 new albums but I will in due time. And would love to see the musical! They have inspired me as a musician and a songwriter . I covered Good Riddance + When I come around at http://www.abeautifultomorrow.net/ Marky

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that's great! but this isnt a blog...

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Welcome to GDC. You're definitely in the right place :)

As suggested above, you should consider instead to start up a blog here on the forum


Then add in entries about whatever you want in relation to the band. It's probably best to go about it that way so we continue to use threads in the forum conversations a little more specific.

Again, welcome to GDC! Looking forward to seeing you around.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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