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Favorite and least favorite song from each album

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Thought this could be a good idea for a thread. Mods might disagree.


39/Smooth: Favorite: Going to Pasalacqua, Least Favorite: Rest

Kerplunk: Favorite: Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?, Least Favorite: Dominated Love Slave

Dookie: Favorite: FOD, Least Favorite: Enemius Sleepus

Insomniac: Favorite: 86, Least Favorite: Tight Wad Hill

Nimrod: Favorite: Reject, Least Favorite: All the Time

Warning: Favorite: Minority, Least Favorite: Hold On

American Idiot: Favorite: Jesus of Suburbia/Letterbomb, Least Favorite: Extraordinary Girl

21st Century Breakdown: Favorite: Murder City, Least Favorite: Know Your Enemy

Uno!: Favorite: Rusty James, Least Favorite: Troublemaker

Dos!: Favorite: Wow! That's Loud, Least Favorite: Nightlife

Tre!: Favorite: Dirty Rotten Bastards, Least Favorite: Amanda


You can use a less complicated format if you want, haha.


Daniel Williams

Daniel Williams
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I literally only signed up to say; Hold On is your least favourite from Warning? I love that song so much! By comparison I always found Minority to be pretty overrated, though there's not a song on that album I don't love. It is my favourite one after all. I think my least favourite would be Blood, Sex and Booze.

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I'm going to be a backseat Moderator again and tell you that this thread is probably going to be shut down. 


I think you can bring that up here, since it has to do with least favorite GD songs:




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1039 smooth: Favourite- 16 Least favourite- Paper Lanterns

Kerplunk: Favourite- Who wrote Holden Caulfield? Least favourite- Android

Dookie: Favourite- Burnout/ F.O.D  Least favourite- In The End
Insomniac: Favourite- Tight Wad Hill  Least favourite- Jaded

Nimrod- Favourite- Haushinka Least favourite- King For A Day

Warning- Favourite- Blood, Sex, and Booze Least favourite- Warning

American Idiot- Favourite- Homecoming/ Whatsername Least favourite- Are we the waiting
21st CB- Favourite- Peacemaker Least favourite- Know Your Enemy
Uno!- Favourite- Angel Blue Least favourite- Rusty James

Dos!- Favourite- Ashley Least favourite- Wild One

Tre! Favourite- Missing You Least favourite- Drama Queen


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Might as well put in my bit before the thread closes.


39/Smooth - Paper Lanterns, Knowledge

Kerplunk - WRHC, Dominated Love Slave

Dookie - Welcome to Paradise/She, In The End

Insomniac - Brain Stew, Tight Wad Hill

Nimrod - Prosthetic Head, Take Back

Warning - Hold On, Macy's Day Parade

American Idiot - Jesus of Suburbia, Extraordinary Girl

21st CB - 21st CB, Christian's Inferno

Uno - Stay the Night, Troublemaker

Dos - Lazy Bones, Nightlife

Tre - X-Kid, Sex Drugs & Violence


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39/smooth: Favorite: Paper lanterns, least Favorite: Rest


Kerplunk: Favorite: No One KnowsLeast Favorite: Welcome to paradise (only this version)


Dookie: Favorite: Pulling Teeth, Least Favorite: Longview


Insomniac: Favorite: Stuart and the ave, Least Favorite: Geek stink breath


Nimrod: Favorite: Worry Rock/Haushinka, Least Favorite: Last ride in


Warning: Favorite: Macy's day parade, Least Favorite: Warning


American Idiot: Favorite: Homecoming/Whatsername, Least Favorite: American idiot


21st Century Breakdown: Favorite: Static Age, Least favorite: Know your enemy


Uno!: Favorite: Sweet 16, Least Favorite, Oh Love


Dos!: Favorite: Lady Cobra, Least Favorite: Wow! Thats loud


Tre!: Favorite: Dirty Rotten Bastards, Least Favorite: Drama Queen




didn't think I'd choose that many singles as least favorite.


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Seems fun. :) Haven't fully listened to 1039/SOSH, Kerplunk or Tre properly yet so they aren't included.
Dookie - Basket Case, She
Insomniac - Stuck With Me, Westbound Sign
Nimrod - The Grouch/Worry Rock, Take Back
Warning - Blood, Sex and Booze, Warning
American Idiot - Jesus of Suburbia, I literally cannot give a least favorite.
21st Century Breakdown - 21st Century Breakdown, Know Your Enemy
Uno! - Rusty James, Loss of Control
Dos! - Lazy Bones, Nightlife

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Well...everything changes after my mood, so I can't say which song is my fav / least fav...

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Ahh... I thought you only meant the trilogy. I'm too lazy to write them all right now...


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You can use a less complicated format if you want, haha.

Fuck that, I'm upgrading.

39/Smooth + EP's
  • Paper Lanterns :thumbsup:
  • Why Do You Want Him? :ermm:

Kerplunk! + EP
  • One For The Razorbacks :thumbsup:
  • Strangeland :ermm:

  • When I Come Around :thumbsup:
  • Coming Clean :ermm:

  • Stuck With Me :thumbsup:
  • Brat :ermm:

  • Redundant :thumbsup:
  • Jinx :ermm:

  • Deadbeat Holiday :thumbsup:

  • Warning :ermm:

Shenanigans (for the sake of this, it counts)
  • Suffocate :thumbsup:
  • I Wanna Be On TV :ermm:

American Idiot
  • Letterbomb :thumbsup:
  • Extraordinary Girl :ermm:

21st Century Breakdown
  • 21st Century Breakdown :thumbsup:
  • Christian's Inferno :ermm:

  • Angel Blue :thumbsup:
  • Loss Of Control :ermm:

  • Amy :thumbsup:
  • Nightlife :ermm:

  • X-Kid :thumbsup:
  • A Little Boy Named Train :ermm:

Now that was an unnecessarily long post!

Bonus: The setlist of my ultimate bad Green Day album, that I would play someone if I didn't want them to get into them at all.


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1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours - Paper Lanterns, Rest
Kerplunk - Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?, Strangeland
Dookie - Longview/She/Basket Case, Pulling Teeth
Insomniac - Brain Stew/Stuck With Me, Tight Wad Hill
Nimrod - King For A Day/Hitchin' A Ride, Last Ride In
Warning - Castaway/Minority, Misery

Shenanigans (Unless it Counts) - Desensitized, Tired of Waiting For You

American Idiot - Homecoming/Jesus of Suburbia, Extraordinary Girl
21st Century Breakdown - East Jesus Nowhere, Restless Heart Syndrome
iUNO! - Stay The Night/Nuclear Family, Fell For You
iDOS! - Stray Heart/Makeout Party, Nightlife
iTRE! - Dirty Rotten Bastards/X-Kid, Drama Queen 

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1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours: Paper Lanterns

Kerplunk: No One Knows

Dookie: Coming Clean

Insomniac: Westbound Sign

Nimrod: Hitchin' a Ride

Warning: Minority

Shenanigans: Rotting

American Idiot: Homecoming

21st Century Breakdown: East Jesus Nowhere

Uno: Let Yourself Go/Troublemaker (can't decide)

Dos: Makeout Party

Tre: Dirty Rotten Bastards


Least favourites:

1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours: Rest

Kerplunk: Dominated Love Slave

Dookie: Emenius Sleepus

Insomniac: Tight Wad Hill

Nimrod: Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

Warning: Blood, Sex and Booze

Shenanigans: Outsider

American Idiot: Are We the Waiting

21st Century Breakdown: 21 Guns (not including Song of the Century)

Uno: Carpe Diem/Oh Love (can't decide)

Dos: Stop When the Red Lights Flash (not including See You Tonight)

Tre: Sex Drugs and Violence


But yeah, this will get closed.


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1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours - Paper Lanterns/Disappearing Boy, Rest

Kerplunk - No One Knows/Who Wrote Holden Caulfield, Strangeland

Dookie - When I Come Around/Longview, Emenius Sleepus

Insomniac - No Pride/Armantage Shanks, Tight Wall Hill

Nimrod - Good Riddance/Hitchin' A Ride, Last Ride In

Warning - Waiting/Minority, Misery

American Idiot - Homecoming/Jesus of Suburbia, Extraordinary Girl

21st Century Breakdown - Murder City, Restless Heart Syndrome

iUNO! - Carpe Diem/ Nuclear Family, Oh Love

iDOS! - Wow! That's Loud/Makeout Party, Nightlife

iTRE! - Dirty Rotten Bastards/X-Kid, Drama Queen

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1039: Pasalacqua, Green Day

Kerplunk: Holden Caulfield, 2000 light years away

Dookie: When I Come Around, Eminus Sleepus 

Insomniac: Stuck With Me, No Pride

Nimrod: Hitchin A Ride, Take Back

Warning: Warning, Church On Sunday

American Idiot: American Idiot, Extraordinary Girl

21st Century Breakdown: East Jesus Nowhere, Restless Heart Sydrome

Uno: Nuclear Family, Carpe Diem

Dos: Lady Cobra, Makeout Party

Tre: X-Kid, Sex Drugs Violence


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Have not listened to 2 previous before Dookie. 


Dookie - Basketcase (Favourite) Emenius Sleepus (Least Favourite)

Insomniac - Brain Stew (Favourite) Tight Wad Hill (Least Favourite)

Nimrod - Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) (Favourite) Jinx (Least Favourite)

Warning - Warning & Minority (Favourite) Blood, Sex & Booze (Least Favourite)

American Idiot - American Idiot, Wake Me Up When September Ends, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Holiday (Favourite) Don't have a least favourite

21st Century Breakdown - 21st Century Breakdown & 21 Guns & Last Night On Earth (Favourite) Horseshoes and Handgranades (Least Favourite)

Uno - Oh Love (Favourite) Carpe Diem (Least Favourite)

Dos - Stray Heart (Favourite) Nightlife (Least Favourite)

Tre - The Forgotten (Favourite) Drama Queen (Least Favourite)



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39/Smooth: Favorite: Going to Pasalacqua, Least Favorite: Rest

Kerplunk: Favorite: Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?, Least Favorite: Dominated Love Slave

Dookie: Favorite: Basket case, Least Favorite: FOD

Insomniac: Favorite: 86, Least Favorite: Tight Wad Hill

Nimrod: Favorite: Good Riddance, Least Favorite: Walking Alone

Warning: Favorite: Jackass, Least Favorite: Castaway (but still really like this song, Warning is my favorite one so I like them all)

American Idiot: Favorite: Jesus of Suburbia/Homecoming impossible choice, Least Favorite: Extraordinary Girl

21st Century Breakdown: Favorite: Viva La Gloria, Least Favorite: The Static Age

Uno!: Favorite: Stay The Night, Least Favorite: Kill The DJ

Dos!: Favorite: Stray Heart, Least Favorite: Nightlife

Tre!: Favorite: Missing You/X-Kid, Least Favorite: Amanda

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GreenCard Yellow Day
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39/Smooth- Disappearing Boy or Going To Pasalacqua

Kerplunk!- 80 or Who Wrote Holden Caulfeld?

Dookie- Basket Case

Insomniac- Brain Stew or Tight Wad Hill

Nimrod- Scattered or Redundant

Warning- Jackass

American Idiot- Letterbomb

21CB- American Eulogy or Last Night On Earth or East Jesus Nowhere

¡UNO!- Stay The Night or Fell For You


¡TRE!- Dirty Rotten Bastards


Least Favs


39/Smooth- Rest

Kerplunk- Christie Road or DLS

Dookie- Emenius Sleepus

Insomniac- No Pride

Nimrod- Last Ride In

Warning- Deadbeat Holiday

American Idiot- Whatsername

21CB- Last Of The American Girls or See The Light

¡UNO!- Rusty James or Oh Love

¡DOS!- Amy

¡TRE!- Brutal Love or Walk Away or The Forgotten


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I'm such a sucker for these kinda posts. ;) I almost always have a tie for favourite, so I stuck with that - 2 favourites, 1 least favourite ...


39 Smooth - Faves: Going To Pasalacqua and The One I Want --- Least Fave: Rest

Kerplunk - Faves: 2,000 Lightyears Away and Christie Road --- Least Fave: One For The Razorbacks

Dookie - Faves: Basket Case and She --- Least Fave: F.O.D.

Insomniac - Faves: Stuck With Me and Panic Song --- Least Fave: No Pride

Nimrod - Faves: Hitchin' A Ride and Scattered --- Least Fave: Jinx

Warning - Faves: Warning and Castaway --- Least Fave: Waiting

American Idiot - Faves: Jesus Of Suburbia and Holiday --- Least Fave: Extraordinary Girl

Breakdown - Faves: East Jesus Nowhere and Murder City --- Least Fave: Restless Heart Syndrome

Uno - Faves: Nuclear Family and Rusty James --- Least Fave: Loss Of Control

Dos - Faves: Stop When The Red Lights Flash and Lady Cobra --- Least Fave: Nightlife

Tre - Faves: Missing You and X-Kid --- Least Fave: Drama Queen


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Ill answer your question with a question what if you dont find any song lacking of what you wanna hear and so you dont have a least favorite? am i a freak? am i...different? im soo scared


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39/Smooth: Favorite: Don't Leave Me, Least Favorite: Rest

Kerplunk: Favorite: Words I Might Have Ate / 2000 Lights Years Away, Least Favorite: Who Wrote Holden Caulfield

Dookie: Favorite: Welcome to Paradise, Least Favorite: FOD

Insomniac: Favorite: Stuck With Me Least Favorite: Tight Wad Hill

Nimrod: Favorite: Good Riddance, Least Favorite: Jinx

Warning: Favorite: Deadbeat Holiday, Least Favorite: Fashion Victim

American Idiot: Favorite: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Least Favorite: None

21st Century Breakdown: Favorite: 21 Guns Least Favorite: American Eulogy

Uno!: Favorite: Stay The Night Least Favorite: Loss Of Control

Dos!: Favorite: Lazy Bones Least Favorite: None (I think Dos is a really good one... I appreciate Nightlife as well)

Tre!: Favorite: Brutal Love/8th Avenue Serenade Least Favorite: Amanda


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Yeah, this is a simple list thread. Also, Backseat Coberator, we're not hiring.

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