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If you could take 1990 Billie Joe back to our time...

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I'd play nightlife and tell him it was some other band and see what he says about it.

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Wow, hold on there, Satan.

Now that the subject has turned into "How to make little Billie Joe uncomfortable", here's my idea.

I would probably make him listen to Nightlife and say "listen, your latest album is full of this stuff, isn't it amazing". I'd tell him the album is named "bling bling in suburbia" and that it was produced by 2pac. Then, after he's been sent back in time, that'll mess with his head when he finds out 2pac dies in 1996. Oh, and right as he's being sent back, I'd end with words, "we rely on you to protect Tre's testicle, you're the chosen one".

I could definitely have that rap album conversation with him over a fancy dinner, good idea. Maybe you should appear at the last minute, in a Jedi costume or something to whisper 'you're the chosen one' in his ear all creepily before I kick his ass back to 1990. Sounds fun.

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why bring back Billie, and not Mike and Tre?

1990 Mike :eyebrows:

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Kill 1990 Billie Joe. Then there would be no Billie Joe. No Green Day. No Pinhead Gunpowder as we know it. No Emily's Army as we know it. You'd have never heard of any of these bands. No life changing songs such as Good Riddance, Wake Me Up When September Ends, She, whatever else people listen to when they need comforting or inspiration or whatever. Every life that has been changed by Green Day would just be another old John Doe zombie in the modern world. No Green Day. Am I evil enough to make this a 3-way?

Mmm...maybe. But not until we're done taking him to musicals and fancy restaurants and telling him he's the chosen one who makes rap albums. And surely the death needs to be particularly entertaining?

you can be the dominatrix.

also perfect page own mate.

Because of course Tman would make the perfect dominatrix. :wub:

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