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Ultimate Green Day Album

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I'll try this...

1. East Jesus Nowhere

2. Brain Stew

3. Welcome to Paradise

4. Lazy Bones

5. Boulevard of Broken Dreams

6. X-Kid

7. Jesus of Suburbia

8. Warning

9. King for a Day

10. Desensitized

11. Minority

12. Basket Case

13. 2000 Light Years Away

14. Platypus

15. Let Yourself Go

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1. Westbound Sign

2. Lazy Bones

3. X-Kid

4. Ashley

5. Worry Rock

6. Burnout

7. Green Day

8. Angel Blue

9. Minority

10. Murder City

11. Jinx/Haushinka

12. No One Knows

13. Homecoming

i went with 1 song each album except for Dos (2) and Nimrod (2/3)

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Green Day -

1. Welcome to Paradise

2. X-Kid

3. Basket Case

4. Holiday

5. When I Come Around

6. Brain Stew

7. Scattered

8. Dirty Rotten Bastards

9. Letterbomb

10. Stay The Night

11. Baby Eyes

12. Let Yourself Go

13. Minority

14. Missing You

15. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

Bonus Track : Like Rat Does Cheese

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1. Dirty Rotten Bastards

2. Lazy Bones

3. Nuclear Family

4. East Jesus nowhere

5. Holiday

6. American Idiot

7. JOS


9. Good riddance

10.Hitchin a ride

11.Walking contradiction


13. Welcome to paradise

14. Dominated love slave

15. Paper lanterns

Seriously cannot we make a double ultimate album or no, I've got a better idea, a trilogy!! Too hard too chose, too many good songs!

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This, but is veeeeeery difficult :runaround:

1 Going To Pasalacqua

2 Dry Ice

3 Christie Road

4 Basket Case

5 When I Come Around

6 Stuck With Me

7 Hitchin A Ride

8 Minority

9 Jesus Of Suburbia

10 Homecoming

11 East Jesus Nowhere

12 Let Yourself Go

13 Lazy Bones

14 Dirty Rotten Bastards

15 Good Riddance

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So hard, and I really could not decide on a tracklist. So in chronological order:

Going to Pasalaqua


Who Wrote Holden Caulfield

Basket Case

When I Come Around


Good Riddance

Church on Sunday


American Idiot

Jesus of Suburbia

Boulevard of Broken Dreams


Stay The Night


I couldn't squeeze anything from Insomniac, 21st Century Breakdown or Dos into 15 tracks, which is weird because apart from Dos, I like them better than Warning. But if I did, I would have gone with Westbound Sign, iViva La Gloria! and Lazy Bones respectively.

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Honestly, I don't think I can do this lol. There are just waaayy to many songs that I absolutely love!

same here I couldn't do it. Maybe I could if it was just off Uno Dos Tre

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Welcome to Paradise

21st Century Breakdown

Jesus of Suburbia

Hitchin' A Ride


Basket Case


When I Come Around


American Eulogy


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1. Basket Case

2. Boulevard

3. AI

4. Longview

5. Let Yourself Go

6. Christie Road

7. Brain Stew

8. Jaded

9. Good Riddance

10. Warning

11. Walking Contradiciton

12. Maria

13. Holiday

15. Geek Stink Break or No Pride.

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Ok, let's make a playlist.

1- Brain Stew/Jaded (Medley)

2- Favorite son

3- Let yourself go

4- Welcome to Paradise

5- Lazy Bones

6- X-Kid

7- Prosthetic Head (Wide Mix)

8- 2000 light years away (Jerky Boys OST Mix)

9- Scumbag

10- Going to Pasalacqua

11- Basket Case

12- Waiting

13- Jesus of Suburbia

14- Time of your life

15- 21 Guns

Bonus tracks:

* Working Class Hero

* Paper Lanterns (Live from redundant single, it's just epic!!)


Really difficult to do this list. A good idea to create a compilation could be "the best fast and slow songs".

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