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¡Uno!¡Dos!¡Tre! - Your Greatest Hits!

Please dont take this seriously. Wouldnt want to cause WWIII over a bit of fun.

If Green Day came to you and said you could create a Greatest Hits album from the trilogy, which songs would you pick? How many would you use? Which album would have the most songs?

I have listed mine below. Ive had a think and its worked out just nicely that ive made an 18 song album, 6 songs from each album!

Nuclear Family

Stay The Night

Let Yourself Go

Kill The DJ

Rusty James

Oh Love

Fuck Time

Stop When The Red Lights Flash

Lazy Bones

Wild One

Stray Heart

Baby Eyes

Brutal Love

Missing You

8th Avenue Serenade


Dirty Rotten Bastards

99 Revolutions

Please remember this is just a bit of fun, respect each others opinions and play nice! :)

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We actually have a thread for these types of lists in the Shenanigans section, feel free to post it there :)

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