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So, What Happens Next?

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Okay, so I'm the one who has to break it to you...they can finally go ahead and with their Norwegian Death Metal project.

I hate you, I came in this thread just to say this. Haha;)!

In reality I would probably say the film for AI possibly I don't think we're going to get another studio album till maybe late 2015 or 2016 unless there hiding something we don't know about as for a live album maybe this year it's deffinetly possible thing with that is I wouldn't want songs that's have been on both BIAB and AAF songs like Basket case etc. as they just get repeated

But I mean it's Green day anything could happen
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The Disappearing Boy

The Disappearing Boy
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They need to change their sound. The whole 4-chord punk rock stuff is getting a bit tired. Be more creative, but keep that Green Day style and flair, that'd be good.

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Koal Koalson

Koal Koalson
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They need to change their sound. The whole 4-chord punk rock stuff is getting a bit tired. Be more creative, but keep that Green Day style and flair, that'd be good.

...is what every band should do - "do something else, but do the same"  :sherlock:

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No seriously, I don't think THEY even know what they will do next...


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thread like this #34


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Because apparently the mods actually are all asleep.


http://www.greendayc...age-12?hl= next


You're welcome.




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Because apparently the mods actually are all asleep.


http://www.greendayc...age-12?hl= next


You're welcome.



Ha, thanks for that. Merging now... In my defence the original thread hadn't been used since before I joined here :P


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I'd love if Billie and Jason did an acoustic album.


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The trilogy was poised to have the biggest promotion of any Green Day project ever, before Billie Joe went to rehab.  So hopefully the next album will get the over-the-top promotion the trilogy missed out on.  Remember before the trilogy, they were on every morning show, every late night show, doing secret concerts, awards shows, music videos, there were going to be about 12 singles and then....blam.  it all came to a halt.  The next album should have tons of singles, all with music videos, a huge world tour, and be the biggest album the guys have ever done.  It could be their third (??) comeback! 


6 singles.

6 music videos

teasers for songs before the album drops

live music videos for every song

world tour

VMA performance

twitter accounts gone wild

acoustic set

angry birds green day

vinyl release

cassette release

rock band game

play at rock n roll hall of fame

Jimmy kimmell live

converse in album design

other artist singing Green Day songs at their shows

photographs of band

question and answer with band

multiple appearances on awards shows, interviews, etc.

multiple versions of the album

tons of bonus tracks

Heck, a broadway show featuring the music from the album (even if it's not a concept album)


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I can't be bothered by the guys taking a little bit of a break after all this. For one thing, they have more or less been working nonstop since they were teenagers, between writing, recording and touring/promotional cycles. They've earned it, and can certainly afford to do it.

We have a Tubbies show to look forward to, and Demolicious coming up next month. As we all know, 2014 is a big anniversary for the band's TWO landmark albums. It stands to reason that they will be doing something special for both of those.

HLAHG will finally (hopefully) see a commercial release of some kind by the end of the year. Some of us have already seen it. Some of us aren't as excited about it as they once were, because the whole thing has just been dragged out for a decade. Personally, I still can't fucking wait.

I wouldn't be surprised to see a live LP/EP sometime in 2015. With three albums' worth of new material since AAF, there's plenty of stuff to pick and choose through. That would be a good way to close out the trilogy era.

And who knows? Green Day is good at keeping the fans on there toes. They've already thrown us one curveball this year; it will be fun to see if the boys have any other tricks up their sleeves while they take a little vacation. And if there are none, that's cool too.


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What's next? Probably nothing too crazy. After the Tubbies and Demolicious, I don't see too much as far as touring from the band. Maybe a Dookie 20th Anniversary release, or the Early Days documentary? It sounds selfish because we got 36, now 37 new Green Day songs in the last year-and-a-half, but it feels like we didn't get anything because they were so under appreciated/promoted. I don't think it's realistic, or fair, to expect anything new anytime soon from the group.

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