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!UnoDosTre! album game.

Here's a little game/quiz.


- You have to make one album from the songs off the recent triliogy.

- It has to have between 13 - 15 songs

- It has to have atleast 3 songs from each album

- It has to flow like an album should. (Not just your 15 favourite songs in a row, they have to be ordered like they would in an album)

- Bonus points for album titles and artwork.

Mine would be -

1. 8th Avenue Serenade

2. Stay the Night

3. Stray Heart

4. Lazy Bones

5. Let Yourself Go

6. Drama Queen

7. Oh Love

8. Fuck Time

9. Lady Cobra

10. Kill the DJ

11. 99 Revolutions

12. Dirty Rotten Bastards

13. Brutal Love

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How many "ideal album" threads do we need? :mellow:

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this is the 4th Tread like this

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I'm gonna refer you here and ask you to use the search function before you make a new thread the next time.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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