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Personal ¡Tre! Reviews

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Same as Dos reviews except its Tre, post others and post your own.

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Dirty Rotten Bastrds!

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I think it's a solid and very fun record.

For me, only four songs stood out as really great ones ('Brutal Love', 'X-Kid', 'Walk Away' and 'Drama Queen'). I didn't really like 'Dirty Rotten Bastards' very much, I mean, parts of it are really good but the whole thing doesn't come together that well. 'Missing You' is a good song but kinda predictable. Same for 'Sex, Drugs and Violence' and 'Little Boy Named Train'. 'Amanda' is the one I liked the least. Fun song but it gets old really fast. 'The Forgotten' is a pretty song but a little boring. '8th Avenue Serenade' and '99 Revolutions' are much stronger live. Those songs lost a lot of their punch in the studio version.

Anyway...good record...it works well with the other two and makes this trilogy a very solid effort.

It took me a few times listening to get into the other two, so I think I'll be really into this one in a few days.

For me, out of the 37 new songs, 15 are really mind blowing and the other 22 range from average to good.

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I had an amazing review written. I was on The Forgotten. I don't have time to rewrite(stupid phone) so hears scores.

Brutal Love-3.5/5

Missing You-5/5

8th Avenue Serenade-5/5

Drama Queen-5/5


Sex, Drugs, & Violence-4.5/5

Little Boy Named Train- 3.5/5


Walk Away-3.5/5

Dirty Rotten Bastards-5/5

99 Revolutions-5/5

The Forgotten-3/5

53/60. 88%

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for the record: uno got 4/10 and dos got 8.5/10. right now dos sank on 8/10 though

1. Brutal Love - i like the unexpected chord shifts happening in the second half of the track and the horns are beautiful, great way to start a record. its a nice change to the standard pop blur we got on uno and on some tre stuff. one of the best songs of the trilogy. 10/10

2. Missing You - ok how many times did i hear this song on the trilogy? its catchy and better than the brothers of missing you though. thats where you see the weak point of the trilogy, some songs are just sounding uninspired and the same (most of it on uno)... and someone has to tell me again why they limit themselfes by recording a song like this so slow and not faster. this and the boring guitar sound make all those songs ending up in a big blur. 6/10

3. 8th Avenue Serenade - great melody, got this 1039/smoothed out slappy hours vibe, but it would fit perfect on nimrod. im missing the counting to 8 at the beginning of the live recordings though. 8/10

4. Drama Queen - nice on the first few listens. but this one loses its soul when you hear it to often. one of those catchy ballads (like amy) you get quickly tired of. good lyrics though and if you limit your listens to it, it can still grabb you. 7/10

5. X-Kid - again something which is different to the general sound of the trilogy. the melody is not that exciting, but the changing dynamics during the song make it so good and prevent that it gets boring. again: good lyrics. 8/10

6. Sex, Drugs and Violence - you can read what i wrote about missing you. it all fits on this song, too. its not bad, but green day limit themselfes again of the character they added in songs on earlier albums. distortion, speed, energy. - 6/10

7. Little Boy Named Train - boring. the low point of the album. on one boredom level with carpe diem and such. 3/10

8. Amanda - the third song in a row which isn't that good. catchy and kind of new melody though. you don't think you heard it a thousand times before like other songs of the trilogy. again: 6 points don't mean its a bad song. less than 5 would mean its bad... 6 is slightly better than average, but not great. just for all haters thinking im all negative. so this is again a: 6/10

9. Walk Away - this song kind of grown on me. it screams one thing to me: NIMROD! its bad placed on the album though. because is the 4th kind of similiar sounding song in a row which doesn't make you wake up again. those songs following each other dragg the whole album down. tracks 6-9 is like a new uno... but if you hear it out of the album context its a: 7/10

10. Dirty Rotten Bastards - the kind of random shifts are something some people complain about. but thats the character of the song and its takes you on a great travel. i didn't get the meaning of all the lyrics yet but its clear its dealing with the history of the band. i believe its citing some old green day songs on purpose. the beginning sound like the warning folk rock thing and then it gets to the great punkrock part where i think: you have great melody on the trilogy why didnt yoiu record it as fast as this? (or at least close to it). the bass and guitar solos are great! maybe the best solos on the trilogy. its almost motörheadish ;)9/10

11. 99 Revolutions - some good lyrics and some parts a bit... unauthentic. its a great live song though and you probably guess what i have to complain... so i won't mention it again. one of the better melodys on the trilogy though. 8/10

12. The Fortgotten - i couldn't decide if i hate it or if i like it.... depends on my mood i guess. its probably not that bad as i made it before. it just misses my taste in some points i guess and its a bit cheezy. sounds like it could be a bryan adams ballad to me... im suprised its not a radio hit yet. maybe that will happen. 7/10

the average for TRE! would be 7/10. but since its not convincing me as an album ill have to give it a 6/10. some albums are better than their average song ratings (like dos had the same average as tre), some are worse.

so that would mean for now (my album ratings alway change a bit, so did they since dos):

1) Insomniac - 9/10

2) American Idiot - 9/10 (has grown on me lately again)

3) 1039/Smoothed out slappy hours - 8.5/10

3) Dookie - 8/10

4) Dos - 8/10

5) Kerplunk -7.5/10

6) Nimrod - 7.5/10

7) Warning - 6.5/10

8) Tré - 6/10

8) 21st century breakdown - 5/10

9) UNO - 4/10

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I will be posting a full review of Tre on Monday.

In the meantime, I have written my thoughts on each song after a first listen.

That can be read here.

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Brutal Love - Unexpected treat, sure to become a favorite of mine. Gorgeous vocals and instrumentation.

Missing You - I really like the cry at the beginning. A standard guitar band rocker- and a good one, at that.

8th Avenue Serenade - A decent little song that reminds me of Los Campesinos! jingles. Underwhelming.

Drama Queen - Good. Might get old quickly.

X-Kid - Why are people raving about this song? It's one of the weaker verse-chorus-verse guitar chord tracks of the trilogy.

Sex, Drugs, and Violence - One of the highlights of the album for me, and sure to become an anthem for ten-year old kids who only love the feeling of mischeviousness they get from the post-Nickelodeon risqué title. Where's this X-Kid person?

Little Boy Named Train - Sounds average to me right now. Perhaps it'll grow on me?

Amanda - Ashley, Amy, Maria, Haushinka, 80, She, Whatsername.

Walk Away - Neat. I'm getting a 2008 Fratellis vibe, like A Heady Tale.

Dirty Rotten Bastards - Oh no! Another "punk-rock suite!" Call the cops! I want another Christie Road wah meh grumble whine fuck. I was skeptical about how this would turn out, and I am very pleased. This is the high, HIGH point of the album. If the album is Disneyland, this is Splash Mountain, the headliner that everyone races to when the park opens. I love this song, despite some echoes of a preteen's frantic rant on Twitter.

99 Revolutions - Sweet, gnarly, radical, catchy. Late to the 'Occupy Wall Street' festivities, but fashionably late.

The Forgotten - Sounds nice.

Overall, 7/10. A lot of generic Green Day fare, with some great tracks, though not as many as ¡Uno! and ¡Dos! (both 9.5/10)

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Can this thread actually just be for professional critical reviews? People give their own opinions like this over in the Tre thread too and I'd rather just see articles in here....

Edit: And now this is changed to personal Tre reviews, which I don't really see the point of because the whole point of the Tre thread is to give your opinion on Tre, but whatever... there should definitely be a separate thread for professional reviews.

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The EW Review: http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20653693,00.html

If ¡Uno! and ¡Dos! did it all for the Dookie kids,¡Tre! might be a shout to fans of 2000'sWarning. Green Day's third disc in three months lets their tightly wound hooks decompress, delivering stadium-worthy three-chord nods to various ghosts of rock past, from Otis Redding to Baba O'Riley. There are odd ducks here (an operatic six-minute suite, a spiky Occupy ode), but any band offering up a whole trilogy to the altar of no-bones rock & roll shouldn't be taken for granted. B+

Best Tracks:


Brutal Love

Missing You

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Tre is so much better than DOS to me

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Brutal Love - 10/10

Missing You - 9/10

8th Avenue Serenade - 9/10

Drama Queen - 7.5/10

X-Kid - 10/10

Sex, Drugs & Violence - 8/10

Little Boy Named Train - 8/10

Amanda - 9.5/10

Walk Away - 10/10

Dirty Rotten Bastards - 10/10

99 Revolutions - 9/10

The Forgotten - 8.5/10

Walk Away would make a perfect first single, or X-Kid.

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Alright, before this turns into ¡TRE! part II, I'll close this. Anyone who would like to post their personal review can do so in the ¡Tré! album thread :)

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