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Does Green Day have a Yoko Ono Problem?

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What the Fuck!!!!


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it's pretty dumb to say that Billie's having an affair.... if he was, it' would most likely be with Tre. but i think this is poorly written and it's stupid in general.
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I only need to say this: That is the most stupid and pointless article I've ever read on the internet.

I'm not gonna go further, because anything I can say probably has been said before :)


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Does Matt still do his WTF article of the week on GDA? If so I nominate this one...

I am thinking we have a dedicated "Green Day mentioned on Cracked" thread...

This should definitely happen.

Billie didn't cheat.

With Lady Cobra.

Yeah, it was clearly we me. Duh.


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Ok. seriously WHAT THE FUCK?? :lol: :mellow: :mellow:
How much shit can a person write?!


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Is there really some people who takes stuff on cracked.com seriously? I really hope not.
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Is there really some people who takes stuff on cracked.com seriously? I really hope not.

Thank You. Cracked is not real. They write fake articles. Are people really getting mad about this?
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does Green Day have a YOko One problem?? here's my answer:
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I'm closing this because not only are they baseless rumors, we're only giving them traffic for sharing that garbage.

Ultimately, this kind of stuff is none of our business. I think it's our job to respect their private lives, and even if other sites don't feel the need to do that, I think sharing trash like this is what encourages it in the first place.

Let people analyze the lyrics as they wish - but drawing these kind of "what if" conclusions are not victimless.
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