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What are billie,mike,and tré's religion?

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I really don't care if they're agnostic or whatever im just curious. Im also asking because I heard that billie and adie collect crucifixes and rosaries wich is weird considering that theyre not religous.

Oh yeah and for some strange reason my mom thinks they are religious but theyre hiding. I know shes crazy. Lol


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I'm probably wrong, but I think Billie is agnostic, but believes in some form of higher power, but he also hates organized religion and speaks out against it in multiple songs. (especially East Jesus Nowhere). I think Adrienne is at least sort of religious though, and a Christian.

Don't know at all for Mike and Tre, though.

Also, someone tell me if I'm completely wrong, haha.


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Sleeper Agent.

Sleeper Agent.
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Well, according to reliable sources, Tre is a Satanist and drink a liter of goat's blood after a show and he worships Satan by being crazy at shows. Mike is a Buddist because he believes in the fact he want to be buried with a seed in his ass to give back to society when he is dead and will be reincarnated as a tiger because tigers are badass, Billie Joe worships the Flying Spaghetti Monster just because he likes putting his faith in some crazy source. As far as I can see this is legitimate information.

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Star Wars.
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They play rock n' roll, of course they're satanists.


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They're all members of the super exclusive Church of Lushotology. The only other members are the guys in The Network and Foxboro Hot Tubs. Crazy secret.
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Billie's a lushotologist, Mike believes in The Force, and Tre is Catholic.
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This goes in the Q&A thread, do a search or ask a question in another thread. A single question does not deserve an entire topic.
I'm also sure the question has been answered, sarcastically and seriously.
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