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¡DOS! Ultimate Boxset Preorder [UK]

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Is it just me who hasn't recieved not so much as an email to confirm it's been shipped or...?

There's people sitting already with their's before it's official release which is seriously unfair!

I've even checked my order to see if I've been given a tracking number or it's status has been set to "shipped" there but nada.

I'm wondering why I haven't heard anything about it yet, I expected it to be in my hands by monday coming but if it isn't, what was the point in pre-ordering it.

¡UNO! came a day late when I recieved it but at least I was notified that it was on it's way a good week in advance.

I'm just worrying about ¡DOS! now.

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We have a whole thread where people are discussing almost all of your concerns:

Best to discuss it there. :)

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