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Important "Dos" related message.

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Hey Green Day Fans,

Just wanted to say that as a business owner and a huge Green Day fan, I think this is the most imortant time to support that band! I really hope that EVERYONE on GDA that reads this will go out and buy Dos the day it comes out, or at least as soon as you can afford it.

The band can't get out and market properly due to Billie's health and this is their CAREERS people! It's more than worth one or two hours of work to get a actual hard copy cd or at least itune quality songs that will give you enjoyment for years to come!

We all have downloaded and listened to music illegally..big fricken deal. But this time, the band really could use some extra support..so after you download it for free, PLEASE GO AN ACTUALLY BUY A DAMN COPY!

Thanks for reading! :)

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Hey Justin,

Thanks for stopping by and encouraging folks. We're definitely on board with fans going out and helping support this album. Actually, we have a thread dedicated just for fans to organize ways to help get the word out for this album.


Check it out and feel free to contribute there.


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