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ˇUno, Dos, Tré! appropriate album art

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St. Christian Of Suburbia

St. Christian Of Suburbia
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Y'know what I just noticed? ¡Uno! sees Billie Joe return to playing some crazy guitar solos for the first time in years, ¡Dos! has a number of songs in which the bass really stands out (namely Stray Heart, Makeout Party, and Nightlife), and ¡Tré! supposedly has (at least) one track featuring a drum solo. Obviously, this is quite fitting since each respective band member gets his time(s) to shine during the specific album with his own face on the cover.

Everyone knows at this point that the trilogy has a number of patterns within it (pre-party>party>post-party, power-pop>garage rock>rock anthem, old GDay>Foxboro Hot Tubs>new GDay, etc.) but do you think that they may have also put the albums together with the intention of having each band member being featured on the cover of the album in which their playing stands out the most?

(Also note that Stray Heart was moved from ¡Tré! to ¡Dos! at the last minute--perhaps this had something to do with the prominent bassline?)
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I originally thought each album could be songs they wrote, and this might be the case. Maybe Mike wrote Stray heart? I know Billie writes 99% on each album but you could be right

A Basket Case

A Basket Case
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That's a really really could way to look at it :o
Now that you mention it, you could be right!

I mean like The Forgotten is on Tre, and it's basically all piano, Billie's vocals, a guitar solo, and Tre drumming. I know it's not the most significant point, but in it he is one of the only ones keeping his normal position and role

I could be wrong but tha'ts what i thought!


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I think that's a bit of a stretch. There are arguably crazier guitar solos on Dos than there are on Uno. The drumming in Makeout Party is pretty amazing which isn't on Tre either. Etc etc.


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Billie has said that they album art has nothing to do with the actual contents, in fact the whole ˇUno! ˇDos! ˇTré! thing started as a joke, and it just stuck.

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