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Green Day References

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You talk about it as if it was a regular everyday occurrence and as if living near the St. Andrew's fault was umm...a regular thing. I admire that.  We get a big one once in a decade and by "big" I mean 4-5 Richter. Yet it scares the living crap out of everyone.

If we even get the slightest bit of movement people crap themselves here. Since we don't get them in the same way other places get them. 


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Yes,  it was centered about 40 minutes from my house, but I did feel some shaking, nothing damaged luckily.

Good to hear.  :)


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Something surprising happens at the eleventh hour of SATELLITE FLIGHT, however, and it bears mentioning. The sci-fi synths drop away, as does the dead-eyed chest-puffing. Cudi sings—sweetly, modestly, and in tune—over nothing but some guitar, finger-picked with athe level of skill that suggests a deep study of Green Day's "All By Myself"


Review from Pitchfork Mag of Kid Cudi's Satellite Flight references All By Myself. Caught my eye because the idea of anyone studying All By Myself in depth amuses me. 

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There's a Green Day mug in HMV! The design is green and black, with their Uno Dos and Tre faces. Unfortunately I can't really afford to spend £8 on a mug....my and my brother and sister's birthdays are in the next two months though so might have to make sure one of us receives it.

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There'll be a new compilation by A-F Records featuring members from Anti-Flag, Rise Against, Strike Anywhere and some others, and there will be a cover of "Life During Wartime". It falsely states that it's a Green Day song (it's originally by Pinhead Gunpowder), but I thought I mention it for interested people.

I also wanted to post it for the funny spelling errors ("Life Durring War Time").



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