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Green Day Dreams

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I had a dream last night that I got to talk to Billie Joe and I only asked him questions about Weezer. Then Donald Trump came and put his arm around Billie and whisked him away.

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Years ago I had a dream that one of my friends and I were hanging out with Billie in this cook little den smoking weed and listening to him sing a few acoustic songs. It has stuck with me because of how tangible and real it felt, to the point where I've got to remind myself its not a memory of a real life experience. Very sad to say.

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a friend of mine had a green day dream recently. he said that Green Day played a fest and Ozzy played too and I was there along with a bunch of our friends. He said that after the fest we went to a bar and Green Day came in and they had a special Green Day brand beer. He said that Billie wanted to try it because he was sober and hadn't had it yet, so Tre poured him a beer and billie took a sip and spit it out and yelled "bleh" and then dumped the beer out

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I dreamed last night that Green Day were playing Newcastle, Manchester and Wembley in November and I was flying from Truro to Las Vegas and then getting a bus from Vegas to Newcastle. Aside from the fact I wouldn't take a bus across the Atlantic Ocean even for Green Day, I was quite disappointed when I woke up that these shows don't exist :( 

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