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Help Us Rebuild The Download Section!

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Suggestion - maybe you could break stuff down into rough categories, like, by album eras, so people can fill in the blanks?

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I have all the ones that were on GDA and a few acoustic live songs. Probably some more. I honestly don't know what you're looking for though.

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I have all the ones that were on GDA and a few acoustic live songs. Probably some more. I honestly don't know what you're looking for though.

Pretty much everything from the downloads section

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I have all the ones that were on GDA and a few acoustic live songs. Probably some more. I honestly don't know what you're looking for though.

Can you upload all the stuff you had from the GDA downloads section? I'd like to get those back up right away.

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Green Day Acoustic version :

01 Intro mp3.:http://www.mediafire.com/?2kr0ewbkt53ib9v

02 Church On Sunday mp3. :http://www.mediafire.com/?q17lgyjb51ish0g

03 Waiting mp3. :http://www.mediafire.com/?s4zjg2sbbadpn26

04 Like A Rat Does Cheese_Dominated Love Slave :http://www.mediafire.com/?7c3c5yry6gg5lk3

05 Blood, Sex & Booze:http://www.mediafire.com/?pysm6h0ma9pgfth

06 Macy's Day Parade:http://www.mediafire.com/?g5d11bzom5599um

do you need these???

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When I go to the audio section on GDA it won't let me see the list like it used to, and I can't see the "rare audio" section, so this is what I think was on GDA.





Tre's Joint song:


Boys In the Bathroom stall:


Food Around the Corner:


Chocolate Rain:


Like a Rat Does Cheese:


First Noel:


Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree:


Santa Claus Is Coming To Town


Look for Love:


Why Does It Always Rain On Me:


Things I Heard Today:


Life During Wartime:


Mechanical Man:


It's Fuck Time:


We Are the Champions:


Highway 1:


Walkin' The Dog:


When It's Time:




Depression Times


Midwest medley


Minnesota Girl (some kind of recording)


Minnesota Girl (live)


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I've got ALLOT of audio full concert bootlegs, on my computer, if you need that :P

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I've got ALLOT of audio full concert bootlegs, on my computer, if you need that :P

Yes please :)

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here I go :happy:

http://www.mediafire...px99npxltj334r3 Radio Daze (WFMU Studios radio session) East Orange, NJ, 28th May 1992

http://www.mediafire...01idl11bmxlb1rb Spitting - Chicago, Aragon Ballroom, 18th Nov 1994

http://www.mediafire...s7azg13jfcpn5w3 Leeds Festival 2004

http://www.mediafire...k34rl1g777bigp1 Reading Festival 2004

http://www.mediafire...igfcsmo68y48jqc Maida Vale Studios 29th Sep 2004

http://www.mediafire...lkz0cxxf7w6vcxb Irving Plaza, New York 2004

http://www.mediafire...kal2poldnctt9bg Fox Theater, Oakland 2009

http://www.mediafire...2025bpx73wisiyo Kesselhaus MTV Germany 7th May 2009

http://www.mediafire...13o24yzwzxg4ek4 MSG New York, 27th July 2009

Edited by A Scarecrow

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I've got a few live performances:

Holidays In the Sun (with talking):


The Kids Are All Right


I Fought the Law:


Johnny B Goode


I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend & Don't Leave me


Words I Might Have Ate (acoustic)


Give Me Novacaine (acoustic)


Dancing With Myself


A Quick One While He's Away (Tubbies)


80 (acoustic)


Teenage Lovotomy & Blitzkrieg Bop


WMUWSE & The Saints are Coming (w. U2)


Blood, Sex and Booze (acoustic)


Christie Road (acoustic)


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I never visited the Download section but here are some encore songs from "American Idiot" when Billie was around. Unfortunately, the official website took them down so I'm not sure of a lot of the dates anymore:

10.3.10: When Billie finished his first run - "Bullets Over Broadway."

2.23.11: When Lady Gaga visited & Billie sang "Basket Case" before "Good Riddance."

2.27.11: When John & Michael left and they sang "Walking Out On Love."

4.14.11: When Billie decided to lead "Good Riddance" with a teeth pulled.

4.17.11: When Billie proposed to Van.

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I've got most of the new songs except I'm missing a lot from Austin. Do you need those? :)

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I once downloaded ALL of it. Yes, I'm crazy like that. Some of the files were broken already though. I doubt I will have the time and enthusiasm to upload all of the files since there's quite a few hundred of them but I'll try and help.

It was both the audio and video section that were uploaded to Megaupload, right? So you need both?

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I got some full concerts, one from chile 2010, toronto, and some old radio shows. Will upload when I have time :)

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if anyone has the American Idiot Musical stuff that was up there i've been looking for it and it would be amazing to see it up there

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you have to register, but it's a lot of work to copy and paste every single link, enough good stuff there for sure.

the DVD of Wigan is at www.theultimatebootlegexperience2.blogspot.com along with some other audio. you don't have to register for that one.

also it'd be awesome if people started tagging if the sources are SBD, Pre-FM, FM, AUD because that really helps deciding what to download. (you want to hear the boys, right?)

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American Idiot I recorded. St. Billie!

American Idiot 24 April 2011 with the concert after the play


American Idiot 17 February 2011 (Billie's birthday)


American Idiot 29 January 2011


They were on Megaupload, so other links won't work... I don't remember the other thread I posted them in.

Edited by pixelmeow

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BUMP, anyone have some more links?

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You guys are cool for doing this but just one little note, it's sorta more like a warning. Mediafire has this policy you literally have to dig through to find. Basically if the file (NOT the LINK) is inactive for a while they will go in and delete the entire file. So make sure you guys have everything backed up to the max just in case. I lost half of my Green Day collection because of it. It's not mentioned in their primary sign up policy.

Have fun everyone :D

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