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Awesome as Fuck

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Somehow the gods saw fit for me to get one of the signed copies of Awesome as Fuck from Adeline Records!! Just came today and I am in total shock!! http://www.greendaycommunity.org/Forum/p...

That's awesome!
You have some luck!


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I think now that I think about it, I wish we would have gotten a recording of 'Holiday" from a 2010 sow. I really would have loved it if they included a recording of "Holiday" where Billie Joe sings on the verse "on a monument" like "On a monumehe.. HENT!" or something like that. That would have been great. Also I wish they included Jesus of Suburbia, Last Night on Earth, and basket case. That would've also been great!


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Damn, this afternoon I was watching AAF and at the end I was all teary.Miss them much? Hell yes.


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Awesome As Fuck turns 2 years


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 We're also discounting Awesome As Fuck for the next few days ($10). http://www.adelinerecords.net

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