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Your Green Day Collection

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what stuff do you have in your green day collection like dvds, cds, merchandise, collectible stuff any thing like that (not including bootlegs) and how much did you get it for.

p.s sorry if theres a thread already like this ive searched and couldnt find one.

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i got heaps - only some of it

concert t-shirts x4 = $200

Fan T-shirts x3 = $150

Tour Posters x3 = $60

Ristbands x4 = $80

Tour Book x1 = $20

50+ posters = idk

Hoodie = $190


Hat n Beanie

Pj'swif Green Day all ovait = $65

Over 70 Magazines ..

+ All the albums n some singles

DVDS- BIAB and international supervideos and Blvd broken dreams backstage set

some more stuff cant think of it all though =]

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four t-shirts

laptop bag




some magazines


can't remember how much i've paid for them=)

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7 albums

1 dvd

2 magazines

some bootlegs for free.

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umm.. I wanna try, so:

all studio albums + IS and Shenanigans, BIAB and Foot in Mouth live EP = nearly or over 150 $

2 flags and 7 posters = idk but I bet it's nearly 100 $

3 dvds = 30 $

3 t-shirts = 50 $

21st Century Breakdown tour book (that one with photos and tour dates, Y'KNOW) = 15-20 $

wristband = 7 $

That's all I remember for now,

I think every price is pretty much more 'cause we're having euros : DD

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My merch:

7 posters (big and small) - about £35

2 Wristbands (1 big, 1 thin) - £6 for big and thin one was free

2 Tees (American idiot era and 21CB era) - AI was a present and 21CB was £20

Tour Programme - £10

International superhits - present

American Idiot - present

21CB - £7.99

Nimrod - £6.99

Bullet In A Bible - present

Kerrang legends mag

Loads of other pics from mags

Heart grenade sticker - free

Green Day: American Idiots and the New Punk Explosion book - present

Keychain - present

Tour tickets - about £200

Leaflet - free

Loads of Green Day recordings on video

Thats all i can remember...may have missed a few items :happy:

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Uhm.. I don't know (don't care either) how much I paid for it, but all I can remember is:

- All studio albums, shenanigans, IS, Foot in Mouth and Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking Parking

- When I Come Around Single

- Bullet in a Bible DVD

- Life Without Warning DVD

- 2 t-shirts (one from the AI era, one from the GD show in October)

- Wallet

- Pen case

- Official calendar (2008)

- 7 buttons

- Wristband

- 5 posters

- A few magazines with GD articles and posters, such as Kerrang Legends, AP, and Q

- Ticket for their show in Rotterdam on 16/10

- 21st Century Breakown tour book

(- Money Money 2020

- Stop Drop and Roll!!!)

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Well I basically paid $10 for each of the older albums. i.e. pre-American Idiot.

As for the DVDs, I paid a bit more for them.

Also, I won a Green Day prize pack earlier this year so I have two copies of the entire Green Day catalog.

So the prices for the albums are only for one copy. :)

I don't remember exact prices and I'm not bothered going through all my receipts, so these are approximate prices..

- 2 x 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours: $7.99

- 2 x Kerplunk!: $24.99

- 2 x Dookie: $9.99

- 2 x Insomniac: $9.99

- 2 x Nimrod: $9.99

- Green Day EPK 2000 (VHS): Was my sisters from ages ago.

- 2 x Warning: S9.99

- 2 x International Superhits: $9.99

- 2 x International Supervideos: $34.99

- Shenanigans: $9.99

- 2 x American Idiot: $14.99

- Jesus Of Suburbia (Single): $1.99

- 2 x Bullet In A Bible: $24.99

- 2 x 21st Century Breakdown (1 Vinyl Edition & 1 Booklet Edition): $49.99 (Booklet Edition)

- Green Day Tees (Both from 21st Century Breakdown Tour): $50 & $55

- Tour Booklet (21st Century Breakdown Tour): $25

- Badges/Buttons (American Idiot & Warning eras): Sister bought them for me.

- Magazines With Green Day Related Articles: Way too many to count.

- Posters: $15 each?

- Nobody Likes You: Can't remember, all I know is that it was on sale at the time.

- 6 x Tickets: $627.30 ($102.15 each)

I know I have heaps more shit that I can't think of right now.

Green Day make all this worth every cent! :D

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1039, Kerplunk, Dookie, Insomniac, Nimrod, Warning, Shenanigans, ISH, American Idiot, 21stCB, Biab.

4 big posters, couple of pictures ripped out of magazines.

..that's about it really. Not a big fan of merch

oh yeah, i've got a warning t-shirt. forgot i had it xD

aaaand 'nobody likes you' and 'the story of green day by doug small'

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This could take a while....











green daze-£25

large bj poster-£3

framed photo and disk-£20

AI, WMSWSE, Blvd, Holiday, saints are coming singles-£25

Shot glasses-£1 (there were on sales!)

3 unofficial mugs-£5 each

3 lanyards-£1.99 each

2 pens- £1 each


2 tour tees-£20 each

2 jimmy tess-£10 each

4 other tees-£5 each

shoe laces-£5


programme-£10 (i think)

small bag-£15

large bag- £30

alsorted stickers, buttons, badges and patches-£20

official calendars (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008)- £8.99 each

unofficial calendars (2006, 2007, 2008, 2x 2009)- £6.99 each

bullet in a bible-£15

5 other various dvd's-£50

bj earrings- £5

bj necklace- £5

make up bag and lipstick holder-£10

2 belt buckles- £5

green day sketch-£20

my green day cross stitch, well with the cost of framing it, threads, material, it came to way over £80, but that is the only one, since i made it!

shit loads of magazines that cost me from £2-£5 each and there is hundreds of them!

car air freshener-£3

rebels without a cause, nobody likes you, and 3 other green day books-£60 ish

and my two GD concert tickets-£35 each :lol:

wow thats a lot of money i have spent, i don't regret spending a single penny of it either, i'm beginning to think i'm obsessed... :D

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1039 sosh, Kerplunk, Dookie, Insomniac, Nimrod, Warning, ISH, Shenanigans, American Idiot special edition, BIAB, 21st CB special edition

DVDs like The only rhyme that bites, the broadcast archives, rude boys 2003, de 1000 hours á kerplunk (yes it's in french), intersational supervideos and suburbia bomb.

Two huge posters and a flag, a lot of posters from magazines

A necklace, a handbrazalet, badges, patches, pins, three t-shirts, two from american idiot era and other from BIAB and an American Idiot's sweatshirt

I want more but here it's hard to find it :/

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oops somehow i manged to quote myself! :/

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International Superhits

International Supervideos


Money Money 2020

American Idiot x2

Bullet in a Bible DVD and Blu-ray

AI Tour Shirt x4

American Idiot CD Single

Holiday CD Single

Foxboro Hot Tubs

Pinhead Gunpowder EP (the newest one)

21st Century Breakdown CD and Vinyl

Know Your Enemy CD Single x2

21 Guns CD Single

21st Century Breakdown CD Single

Red "Baby Doll" Hoodie

KYE Shirt

21CD Shirts x2

Class of 13 shirt

Live in Tokyo EP (pre-order)

AI Poster

Rolling Stone Poster

Warning Poster

iPod and Phone SkinIts

AI Stickers

So probably around $400

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I'm sure there's a thread for this somewhere buried deep in Green Day chat...

I only have a tshirt, a calendar and all the CD's, Bullet In A Bible and a grand total of 3 posters.

The best thing is the ticket for my show, though. :wub: Cost a fuckton too, got my money's worth though.

EDIT: I don't have Shenanigans, but I don't like it so it doesn't matter.

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All their CD's.

Mostly all of their singles from AI and 21st Breakdown.

3 posters. Warning. AI. and a lovely close up one of the guys. :wub:

4 shirts.


Ticket stubs.

Pencil drawing of them.

Foxie album.

Moneymoney 2020.

Rare magazines.

The best thing is the ticket for my show, though. :wub: Cost a fuckton too, got my money's worth though.

I love my ticket my cost a bomb too of ebay.

But I like looking at it and going eeeeeee I was there. :wub:

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let' see...



American Idiot




Stop, Drop and Roll!!!


21st Century Breakdown

International Superhits!




Bullet in a Bible

International Supervideos! (that was one of my christmas presents :wub: )

Disease is punishment (that was another christmas present :wub: MOM, I LOVE YOU)


One of the American Idiot Tour (this one)

Another American Idiot t-shirt (the one that Mike has here)

A 21stCB one, that has the album cover in the front and this photo on the back


too many xD let's see... 11 i think?

and a wristband, patchs in my bagpack (sp?), a pencilcase and a few stickers in my guitar :wub: I think I've spent too much money in these three guys, but well, who cares? xD

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i didnt find that one but with the search engine its hard so a mod can close this or merge this with that one what ever they want

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My merch:

5 Tees

2 scarfs

1 wristband

1 hat

1 Messenger bag

2 Hoodies

2 Buttons

3 Patch

2 Calendars (2009 + 2010)

1 pair of Fingerless gloves

1 Necklace

1 longsleeve Tee

A lot of Posters (don't know how many)

A lot of magazines (don't know how many)

CD: 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours, Kerplunk, Dookie, Insomniac, Nimrod, Warning, American Idiot, 21st Century Breakdown, International Superhits, Shenanigans, Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking Parking, Foot In Mouth, Tune In Tokyo, Last Night On Earth (Live In Tokyo),

CDSINGLE: American Idiot, Know Your Enemy

DVD: Bullet In A Bible, The Ultimate Review Of American Idiot, The Critical Review of Dookie, International Supervideos, Live On Air, Live Without a Warning, Rock Milestones: The Singles, Rock Milestones: 1000 Hours To Kerplunk

BOOKS: Nobody Likes You, Rebels With a Cause

I don't remember how much I paid for each item (actually I don't care how much I pay for an item. When it's GD I don't care how much it costs :lol: )

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I just replied to a thread like this but I'll repeat myself since I love you guys so much

7 Albums, ISV, 3 Posters, four badges, 1 tee, 1 beanie hat which I love :wub:

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I don't know the prices, but I'll tell you what I have!

12 posters

A light-switch cover

2 fleece blankets

1 pillowcase

4 Necklaces

5 Keychains

2 candles

1 Christmas Ornament (which is new on their online store and SO awesome)

1 Belt

2 Hats

3 DVDs

All their cds/Foxboro cd/Pinhead Gunpowder cds/The Network cd

2 Pairs of Pajama pants

3 Bracelets

20+ tee shirts

About 10 Sweatshirts

1 Long-sleeved Tee

Several button-pins

2 purses

1 tote

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Can't remember how much everything costs as its been years since I bought most of it but I have:

All the studio albums

Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking Parking live EP

Bullet in a Bible

Riding in Vans With Boys (okay its more of a Blink 182 thing, but GD are in it so it counts I guess)

A few posters

A t-shirt from the Milton Keynes bowl show in 2005

A 2002 UK tour shirt

A few guitar picks and some badges

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Ok lets see:

Clothing + Accesories:

about 8 or 9 shirts

2 hoodies

2 purses

a tote bag




a hat

CD's, DVDs:

2 copies of 1039 smoothed out slappy hours (regular and remastered)

2 copies of Kerplunk (regular and remastered)

2 copies of Dookie (one with and one without Ernie)



International Superhits



2 copies of American Idiot (regular and deluxe edition)

3 copies of 21st Century Breakdown (regular, with bonus CD and deluxe edition)

Know Your Enemy (single)

Bullet In A Bible

International Superhits and videos

Stop Drop and Roll

Money, Money 2020

Disease Is Punishment

Suburbia Bomb

The Middle Years


21 Guns EP

Last Night On Earth EP

EVERYTHING from the download links

2 magnets

over 17,000 pictures on my computer

over 100 pictures on my walls

Kerreng Legends magazine

a pen

Nobody Likes You and Rebels With A Cause books

wow I didn't realize I had that much stuff

Edit: I forgot a rubber wristband

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