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Merry Christmas, GDC!


The latest Green Day item you bought

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#5131 sara_gd

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Posted Yesterday, 12:16 PM

I bought "A fistfull of Dookies" today in Barcelona :D Also Live at the radio '94 and Bowling...Parking... which I didn't have. I was tempted to buy a DVD called Stay the Night but it didn't say where the songs were from... it just said that the last three where from England and that the whole thing was from 2012... I tried looking here on GDC and googleing it and no luck, does anybody know where those other songs are from?

Well, I couldn't resist the doubt of not knowing what was in it, so I went back and bought it :lol:

Tracks 1-7 are from I Heart festival (yep, it includes the one fucking minute rant, that's why Basket Case is "partial"), and the rest is Reading 2012, the morning show, though it doesn't look much like morning to me, but Billie says "Reading!" a few times and it's not 2013 (and I recognised it was this show before all this just by Billie's t-shirt  :ninja:). The quality is total shit, but I'm happy I have Billie saying the whole fucking minute thing in DVD :lol:

#5132 Koal Koalson

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Posted Yesterday, 01:56 PM

Been adding to the collection over past two months, here is some of my new stuff:

'Poprocks and Coke' Japanese promo: http://s1289.photobu...tml?sort=2&o=26

Inlay: http://s1289.photobu...tml?sort=2&o=28

That's no promo though - it was a regular single, released in Japan. I just wanted to let you know. And as far as I can see, you're missing the turquoise sticker on the CD case :-/

#5133 Deadpool

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Posted Today, 11:34 AM

christmas so far:


dookie vinyl

nimrod vinyl

warning on green vinyl

and an adeline shirt.

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#5134 Alf

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Posted 12 minutes ago

1000 Hours T-Shirt

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