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The American Idiot Rundown Thread

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The American Idiot Rundown Thread

I apologize for the mistakes and misinformation that I might possibly spread around. I’ve made several educated guesses. This is mostly a collection of information. I will update this when new information gets shared. Feel free to correct me!

American Idiot Demos:

·         Written in 2003-2004, after the cancellation of Cigarettes and Valentines. Mostly recorded in Studio 880.

·         Demos are known to exist with the purpose of completely writing and properly sequencing tracks.

·         A pirate radio (possibly called Rebel Radio) was set up to broadcast live jams, which were unfortunately never bootlegged.

·         There must be at least some footage of some of the demos being recorded in the 15 hour unreleased footage from Heart Like A Hand Grenade.

·         Most are early version of tracks; some have different titles.



1.       American Idiot

2.       Jesus Of Suburbia

3.       Holiday

4.       Boulevard of Broken Dreams

5.       Are We The Waiting

6.       St. Jimmy

7.       Give Me Novacaine

8.       She’s A Rebel

9.       Radio Baghdad (Extraordinary Girl)

10.   Clusterbomb (Letterbomb)

11.   September (Wake Me Up When September Ends)

12.   Homecoming

13.   Whatsername


American Idiot B-Sides:

·         An early version of the 21st Century Breakdown track Horseshoes and Handgrenades was recorded in the American Idiot sessions.

·         Lights Out was originally an American Idiot track before being thrown in as a 21st Century Breakdown b-side.

·         Foxboro Hot Tubs tracks Pedestrian and Broadway were recorded as possible B-Sides for American Idiot.

·         Warning leftovers  (possibly) was thrown into the American Idiot mix (Waste Away, Clusterbomb [What happened to Sleepyhead??])

·         A cover of 19th Nervous Breakdown was finished (They previously attempted to cover it during Nimrod.)


1.       Too Much Too Soon

2.       Shoplifter

3.       Governator (I’ll Be Back)

4.       Horseshoes And Handgrenades

5.       The Pedestrian

6.       Too Young

7.       Lights Out

8.       Lately (One More Year)

9.       Cigarettes And Valentines

10.   End Of The World

11.   Walk Away

12.   Broadway

13.   Waste Away

14.   Dropout

15.   19th  Nervous Breakdown

16.   Favorite Son

I’ll be making another post for Cigarettes And Valentines tomorrow.

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