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Number of official audio live versions of each Green Day early Song

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This is the list of the official Reprise/Warner live versions (only audio, not DVD) of GD songs from their first 3 albums (I chose only these albums because they were the ones that existed when the first live tracks came out). Some tracks are repeated in different singles, but I only counted each live version as one (for example Burnout, 2000 light years Away, Chump, Longview, Welcome to paradise and One of My lies Tampa 94 versions are in many Dookie Singles, in Live tracks EP and Foot In Mouth EP, but I counted them as one live version)

She (5 versions) : When I Come around single, Bowling bowling bowling parking parking, Redundant Single, Poprocks and Coke single, Awesome as fxxk

F.O.D (4 versions): Longview single, Foot in Mouth, Poprocks and Coke single, 21 Guns EP

When I come Around (4 versions): Woodstock 94, Stuck with me single, Foot in Mouth, Awesome as Fxxk

Going to Pasalaqua (3 versions): Longview single, Foot in Mouth, Awesome as Fxxk

Basket Case (3 versions): Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking Parking, Bullet in a Bible, Last Night on Earth EP

Burnout (3 versions): Live tracks, Awesome as fxxk, 21st Century Breakdown Amazon bonus track

2000 Light Years Away (3 versions): Live Tracks, Awesome as Fxxk bonus tracks, trademark of quality

Chump (2 versions): Live Tracks, Stuck with me single

Longview (2 versions): Live Tracks, Bullet in a Bible

Welcome to paradise (2 versions): Live Trakks, 21 Guns EP

Coming Clean (2 versions): When I come around single, Dos! Japan bonus track

Christie Road (2 versions): Longview single, Awesome as Fxxk bonus tracks

Dominated Love Slave (2 versions): Stuck with me Single, Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking Parking

Paper Lanterns (2 versions): Redundant Single, Awesome as Fxxk bonus

One of my lies (one version): Live Tracks

Knowledge (one version): Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking Parking

Who Wrote Holden Caulfield (one version): Awesome as Fxxk


Why do You think that they did so many live versions of F.O.D.?

Why do you think that there's any live versions of many live played songs as One for the Razorbacks, At the library, Road to Acceptance or 80????



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Mega Man

I've made it my mission to collect all the official live releases as well. The vast majority can be obtained through the Foot in Mouth 2-CD boxset, which encapsulates the entirety of Live Tracks and has the bonus Dominated Love Slave track. When documenting this era, I usually go up to Insomniac because there was basically no break in touring. I'll have to take a look at my library later to see what I've got, although I list everything in chronological order instead of by song.

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