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American Idiot Demos and Never Before Heard B-sides

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pacejunkie punk
36 minutes ago, Insomniac1984 said:

Where is When its time, by the way?

I guess it wasn’t ever intended as a b-side.  Rob in the doc said they should hold it to see if it would fit on the album, when it didn’t and then didn’t make 21CB either they gave it to the AI musical. 

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I always though that "I Fought the law" was recorded in AI Sessions... I'm surprised that is not in the list as a B-side

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Ted Jensen is a mastering engineer, so that means these tracks were mastered and ready to be released when needed. The most likely scenario is that they were ready to go as b-sides and whatever else the band might contribute to, such as compilations and movie soundtracks (which is how most of these songs WERE released). I remember back then Green Day was supposed to have a couple of songs on the "Live Freaky Die Freaky" (or whatever it was called) soundtrack and it didn't happen for whatever reason. Maybe they could have been some of these that haven't come out yet. Clearly the band decided to hold on to some of these instead and either save them for future release or "recycle" them for new material. I remember years ago I told everyone here on this board that I could tell Lights Out and Hearts Collide was from the AI era and not 21CBD. Since that master disc has a date of 7-21-04 it looks like a was right. 😉


17Gonzalo; that's probably because "I Fought The Law" was already out at this time. The disc has a date of 7-21-04 and IFTL came out a few months earlier on 2-1-04.

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