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Should Green Day Make A New Live Album

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I know I keep repeating myself, but I just don't get why we didn't at least get a live stream from one of the bigger festivals last year like they did at Rock am Ring 2013. Several festivals they played in 2017 wanted to stream (parts of) their shows, but they weren't allowed to. I just don't get it because this is like the easiest way to show what a great live band they are and I know some people who watched this performance on TV in 2013 and became fans afterwards; it's better marketing than anything else. And this is the kind of footage we need: live, pure, raw, without weird cuts and effects, just them in all their glory, even if we didn't get the whole show, it's 1.5 fucking amazing, breathtaking hours and probably one of my favorite live performances ever (not only because I was there:wub:). Just imagine we could get something like this from, let's say, their 2017 Hyde Park London show:


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