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Second favourite son

'The Longshot' - Debut self-titled EP

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2 hours ago, Too Dumb to Die(s) said:

Those bands are entertaining for sure.  But what if MIke and Tre both did 'solo' projects while Billie does The Longshot?

Tre Cool has some non-goofy songs in him, I just know it!  Imagine a Cool-lead ballad!  

And Mike has already proven his song-crafting ability with several great Green Day tunes under his belt.  

I would definitely be one of the 7 people on the planet that would buy a copy the day they came out.  

Mike Dirnt would have a punchier sound than Green Day, (oh I just remembered I forgot Governator on my list of Mike songs!)    Perhaps it would be a bridge between The Network and Green Day.  

Tre Cool would have a more comedic album, but some serious elements bleeding in.  Maybe political stuff delivered in jokey ways.   They all seem to have a great sense of humor.   


This EP is great from beginning to end and I cannot wait to get the whole album.  I will definitely be using Listen to You Tube  to create my own disc as soon as all the songs are out - and of course will buy a real copy the day it hits shelves.  Maybe two.  


I believe they JUST played the Tiki Bar I BELIEVE.

Not my bag or I woulda gone. Dead Mermaids, Tre:


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Too Dumb to Die(s)
Posted (edited)
23 hours ago, LaughingClock said:

I believe they JUST played the Tiki Bar I BELIEVE.

Not my bag or I woulda gone. Dead Mermaids, Tre:


Yeah, that's not really my bag either....but hey, no one could complain that it sounds like Green Day!

So today I made a cd of the Longshot songs we've gotten so far and live versions of the rest.  I took a trip to the lake and blasted it the whole way.  

I cannot wait to hear the studio versions of every single one.  They sound brilliant.  Each one has it's own little style.  


Here's my ranking of both ones that are online and  the ones we've only heard live:   

Devil's Kind - if it's anything like the one from before, it's probably my favorite.  

Love is for Losers - I'm a loser for this song!

Chasing a Ghost - this song is so relatable.  

Taxi Driver - unique!

Body Bag - definitely a departure in sound.  Very cool lyrics

Kill Your Friends - This is my least favorite, although it's not bad.  I just can't understand a lot of what he is singing. Once I figure out the lyrics and sing along I'm sure I'll like it more, but as for now it's not on repeat like the rest.  

The Rest:

Happiness - This is the one I'm most excited to hear not live.   Freaking amazing.  

Soul Surrender - this one could end up being one of my all time favorites.

 Last Time - sounds like The Beatles so what could go wrong? 

Cult Hero, Turn me Loose and Goodbye to Romance are at the bottom of my list.  The first two sound good, I just haven't got a decent feel for them yet.  I'll have to wait and see on those.   And honestly I don't really like the original Goodbye to Romance, so I don't know where that leaves the cover.  It could be better.  




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