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The Coverups - Ivy Room January 15

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I've only read this thread now, after having randomly found out on Tuesday (at work!) the videos @Admiral_Needa posted on Youtube: thanks a lot for these, they're awesome! :wub: Ziggy Stardust and Whole Wild World are my favorites. I've enjoyed Jason and even more Mike singing (everyone doing a different part than during GD gigs, funny, and amazing!) but man, Billie's voice :wub: and now I've just read these pages with the same excitement as if the whole thing was still about to come. Biggest excitement since the Global Citizen festival on last September, that I had been able to catch on Youtube live (without even knowing such a thing as Youtube live existed, which I had figured out 2 minutes previously to the beginning of it, thanks to you guys giving this info while posting at the speed of light in the thread that was created for it). Being on GDC and sharing this excitement for everything the boys are doing is so great.  

In a way I'm glad I didn't read this thread when it first popped out, cause between 11 and 15 January I wouldn't have been able to sleep much and I would probably have cried in awkward places such as the subway :P, since no way can I afford a trip to the US right now.

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