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Most Underrated Song from Each Album

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Hey guys, I'm new here, so if this topic has already been done, please feel free to direct to that forum/post.


I've decided to compile my list of the most underrated tracks from each studio album.  To qualify as underrated, the song had to be a combination of "good-to-great" and "under-appreciated by either the mainstream or by the GD fanbase."  Feel free to chime in with your thoughts and opinions.


1039/SOSH - "Green Day"

Kerplunk! - "One for the Razorbacks"

Dookie - Having a Blast

Insomniac - Stuart & The Ave. (most underrated GD song in my opinion)

Nimrod - Worry Rock

Warning - Misery

American Idiot - She's a Rebel (I couldn't choose "Letterbomb" because that seems to be a default choice throughout the GD community.  While it wasn't a mainstream hit, that song is widely considered to be underrated/one of the best GD songs ever.  Therefore, I couldn't myself call it "underrated.")

21st Century Breakdown - Peacemaker

¡Uno! - Rusty James

¡Dos! - Makeout Party (most underrated song in the Trilogy)

¡Tre! - 8th Ave. Serenade

Revolution Radio - Too Dumb to Die

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Hey welcome! Turns out we do already have a topic for this

As a side note we do prefer to avoid "list topics" where the posts are just lists of songs without discussion. I see that rule hasn't been followed very strictly in the topic I've linked :lol:, so if anyone wants to carry on posting there please remember to talk about why you've chosen the songs rather than just listing them.

Also feel free to make a thread in Welcome to Paradise to introduce yourself if you'd like, and I recommend having a look at the forum guidelines, good way to get a feel for how things work :) 

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