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Roshambo - The Network - Cover - Enjoy!

23 hours ago, T4KE IT SLE4ZY said:


Great job covering my favorite song off of Cigarettes and Valentines- I mean Money Money 2020.

This is such a great song, and so underrated. I really wish Green Day would just drop this in the middle of a set sometime- it would make my head explode. I think this is one of the Network songs that was just so pure Green Day...and the lyrics are also a nice little tipoff to the Cigarettes tie-in.

Imagine if they had recorded another version with an AI type mix- it would've fit right into their catalogue as a classic GD song easily.


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Good job, love it!

And oh my god, if Green Day dropped this song in the middle of a set I'd go crazy. 


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For some reason I feel like you sound like @M1KEY

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