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Green Day fan documentary: submit your stories and fanart!

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So I've "officially" opened submissions for the next book now! I wasn't sure how successful the first one would be, but it went so well that it would be a shame to leave it at that. Especially because I already have a few more great stories :D 

This will be a bigger version of the book that already exists, so all current stories will still be included, but if you'd like to edit or add to your story you're welcome to. As well as more stories, I'd love to include some fanart too.

The new book will be published once the Revolution Radio Tour is over, so there's plenty of time.

Submit here, PM me or message me if we're Facebook friends, whichever you prefer :) 

Also I'll still try to get the original book to the band when I go to the US!

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Here is a 100% legit photo of Billie promoting the book to remind you this is still a thing.

This version is the one that'll definitely be going to the band, so get on it :D


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HI GUYS remember this? The second version of the book never actually happened because there wasn't enough interest. But when I pinned it as part of my portfolio, a lot of people messaged me saying they wished they'd taken part. So here you go. This is your LAST CHANCE to submit your STORIES and FANART. I've updated the OP, but here's the info for ur convenience.


My Rage My Love My Life is a documentary about the Green Day fan community. It started out as photos of my experiences on tour. When I exhibited the work, I included a book of fan experiences from around the world, called We Are Revolution Radio. It quickly became the best part of the project. The stories everyone shared were the very embodiment of what Green Day is. I believe our love and dedication deserves to be shared with the band - and within and beyond our fandom.

You can submit by:

Story guidelines:

  • What to write about: your story can be anything that communicates what Green Day means to you. It could be about seeing them live, getting on stage, or just loving their music. Maybe you met your partner or friend through them, or feel they saved your life.
  • Minimum word limit: 500 words
  • Maximum word limit: 5,000 words
  • What if I haven't seen them live? No problem! Plenty of others in the book haven't. Just share what they mean to you.
  • What if my English is bad? Don't worry. All stories will be edited for the purposes of presentation, so it really doesn't matter.
  • Other languages: if it's easier for you to write in French, Spanish or Portuguese, please do and it can be translated.

Photo guidelines:

  • Photos should accompany a story.
  • You can submit any of your own photos, of any quality, of shows, travelling to shows and lining up, tattoos, meeting the band, merch or anything else related.
  • To submit photos you didn’t take, eg. professional barrier photos or pictures of you on stage, you can print them out and photograph the printed pictures.
  • Please DON'T submit photos you don’t have the rights to use. This includes professional barrier photos or tour promo videos. See step above if you'd like to use these.

Fanart guidelines:

  • Your fanart submission can be art you’ve already made, or art you make specifically to show in the book. As long as it’s Green Day related, submit it!
  • If you’re not submitting a story, please write a short blurb (100-500 words) about your art.
  • Don’t worry about how good you are. This is about what Green Day means to us, not being a professional artist or writer.

Editing, updating or viewing a story you've already submitted:

  • If you'd like to edit or update a story already in the book, you're welcome to!
  • Contact me using the submission details above with your edits or updates.
  • Same goes for viewing your submission. Just ask and I'll send it to you.

If you have any questions, just ask in the thread or PM me!

The final deadline is DECEMBER 31ST, 2018.

This is the FINAL version I will publish and your last chance at being part of it. I strongly encourage you to submit before December 31st, because if you don't, you'll probably forget.

I cannot wait to give this book to the band on the next tour. Here's my promise I will - I'm way too proud of it not to! But most of all, I can't wait to see what else you have to show me, and to share that with the world.

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Awesome new cover. I've been lucky enough to get a sneak preview of some of the new stories that have been added and they're awesome. You should totally submit yours!

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19 hours ago, solongfromthestars said:

I cannot wait to give this book to the band on the next tour. Here's my promise I will - I'm way too proud of it not to!


Awesome! Good luck with everything. Can't wait for the new edition :D

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