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  1. Title says it all, here you go this cover is wonderfule NEW RULE: To improve page load times, there is a LIMIT OF 1 VIDEO PER POST. Any subsequent videos can go in spoilers. On discussion with the mod team, we've decided to introduce this rule since some pages have so many videos on them that the load time is terrible and user unfriendly. You can still post more than one video, just make sure that the additional videos are in spoilers.
  2. Guest


    Continuation of the discussion from here: Enjoy, you Knights of Cydonia, you.
  3. Guest


    I typed in all caps because I feel it would make Davey Havok proud. Replaces:
  4. Batgirl

    Latest Album You Bought

    I only saw a thread for GD Albums, so what's the latest album you bought? I bought P!nk's new album today I haven't listened to it yet, but I think I'll like it.. I loved the singles
  5. Libertine Angel


    Any other fans of the pride of the north? Few bands are able to go 40 years sounding exactly the same and still make consistently great albums (aside from Modern, let's forget about that).
  6. arian

    Alice In Chains

    Anyone here like Alice in Chains? I'm listening to Grind right now so I just thought I better make a topic.
  7. xjernpqvrnbfv


    Emily's Army is a teenage Punkrock/ Garagerock band from the Bay Area. Hailing from Northern California’s East Bay, Emily’s Army is a 4 man garage punk band that has been playing together since Max, Cole and Joey were still in training pants. The band added Travis Neuman in 2008 and the rest is history. Originally the band went by a different name, but when their cousin Emily Daskas’ family started a foundation to help fund a cure for Cystic Fibrosis, the boys jumped at the opportunity to adopt the name, and help create awareness for CF. 7inch: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=34777QZU8JYWL Older/Unreleased Songs they put up for free http://soc.li/UYl1UBJ Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/emilysarmy101 Twitter: http://twitter.com/EmilysArmy Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EmilysArmy?ref=ts You're not contributing to this thread if you are writing things like you wanna marry Joey. I am sick of reading such creepy comments on their facebook and myspace, so let's just keep it neutral and talk about their music. Ps: Don't Be A Dick
  8. DoodleBob

    Twenty One Pilots

    There seems to be no thread for these dudes so I figured I'd make one. Feel free to delete if my searching skills suck and there actually is a thread for Twenty One Pilots. Anyways: Twenty One Pilots aka Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. They've been around for a while but only recently have they started to get popular. Don't ask me what genre they are because I have no clue. I discovered them through a friend, and when I first listened to them I didn't really get the appeal. But recently after giving them a second try they are all I can listen to. The best thing about them is that they are so unique, they really aren't like any other band out there. So yeah. Is there anyone else on here that likes them? I've heard that they are amazing live. Some music for people who have never heard of them: Screen Kitchen Sink Holding On To You Taxi Cab
  9. Terrbear


    This was written by the awesome Eldoon, so I reposted it here I might as well make a thread about one of my most favorite bands ever, out of both respect for them and to also see what you peeps think of them (I already know what you think, Terrbear, but feel free to join in the thread shenanigans). The band in question is, of course, Nirvana. Now, most people remember Nirvana because of the whole Kurt Cobain suicide (or was it murder? OMG CONSPIRACY THEORY LOL,) or because of Smells Like Teen Spirit and the ensuing Grunge takeover, or, probably less likely, for their utterly amazing MTV Unplugged performance. But those aren’t the main reasons I remember Nirvana. I remember them for the music and the people behind it, duh. Kurt Cobain remains one of my personal heroes, not only for his songwriting ability, but for his whole attitude on the way we live our lives. Krist Novoselic has always been and always will be one of my favorite bass players, and Dave Grohl; what can I NOT say about Dave Grohl? He’s the man. Period. Sure, I’m deeply saddened that Kurt had to go so early, and I’ve always had a deep loathing for Courtney Love because I know she’s involved in one way or another. But Nirvana’s popularity was both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it kicked open the door for Alternative Rock in the mainstream, but it also put the band on a pedestal that they didn’t need to necessarily be on. Sure, they’re an influential band, no doubt about it, but because they got so revered some people write them off as overrated. And if there is one thing Nirvana is not, it’s overrated.
  10. desertrose

    One Less Zero

    A band with Tre's wife Sara and others. Members: Sara Wright- vocals, Allen Buglione- Bass, Mike Spasbo- Drums, Allen Losi- Guitar, Luis Aguilar- Guitar Genre: Punk, Pop Hometown: Inland Empire, Ca facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onelesszero1 One Less ZeroSeptember 4 at 11:59am · We made an Instagram ! Onelesszero Follow for photos, show dates, and updates . bubukittyfk After much procrastination, We finally got around to making a band IG! Follow for music updates and exciting upcoming stuff #OneLessZero #musicfeedsthesoul 27min spazboGreat fucking time today at the @punkrockpicnic with these freaks!! I have the best drum tech money can buy Hahaa! @treleparc @bubukittyfk #punkrockpicnic #onelesszero @onelesszero -
  11. Malleus

    The Random Lyrics Thread

    Can't find one... so starting it! If there is already one, please delete me. Starting it off with some Weeknd because I've fallen in love with his music lately Music got you lost Nights pass so much quicker than the days did Same clothes, you ain't ready for your dayshift This place will burn you up But baby it's okay, them my ****** next door And they working in the trap, so get naughty if you want
  12. MillenniumFan

    Greta Van Fleet

    Just wanted to start this thread, as I might not be the only one who is also a fan of or at least intrigued by this band. The Led Zeppelin comparisons aside, they seem like very nice, likable, down-to-earth and talented guys. And to kick things off, here's a recent radio broadcast, where they played a few songs live (in the studio) and talked to the host a bit. It's probably the best full length recording we have at this point, since it's pro-shot and well mixed. Then there's also one video (I think the only thing from that gig) from PinkPop
  13. catskill94


    fucking love. started listening to them during the blue album... around when dookie came out, you know? I like their new album, but i still think the best is the first.
  14. SusantheMartian

    Favorite Band

    who is your favorite band. you cant say green day. anybody but green day
  15. bass boy

    A song you cant stop listening to

    here talk about the songs you cant stop listening to.its like a rip off of that cd thread.
  16. desertrose

    Jakob Danger Armstrong

    Jakob ‏@Jakoozyy 4 hours ago Listen to my new song! Happy fathersday and enjoy! Jakob ‏@Jakoozyy 10 hours ago Can't believe the amount of plays my songs have... Insane 3 songs from soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/jakob-danger King of the World https://soundcloud.com/jakob-danger/king-of-the-world Waiting to Dance https://soundcloud.com/jakob-danger/waiting-to-dance Don't Try https://soundcloud.com/jakob-danger/dont-try You tube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsLAqMWPZa-waovt4298jkg
  17. shoegazeloser

    Bands that you've recently gotten into

    It's that time when you listen to one song by a band and say "Hey, this is good" and look up more of their songs. In a matter of days, you've listened to about two albums worth of their music. I know it happens alot, because it's how I got into Green Day and Nirvana. Right now, it's Black Flag, Sublime, and the Dead Kennedys for me. Yours?
  18. So, yeah, Husker..good stuff. Warehouse FTW Also Bob's new record is out now, and I love it
  19. Undómiel

    Bands You've Seen Live

    Yeah, so the title kinda says it all... what bands have you seen live and how many times for each? I did search but Mods close if there's a duplicate... Bands I've seen live (only counting bands/artists I actually pay to see... not support acts): Green Day * 2 My Chemical Romance * 3 Four Year Strong Framing Hanley Frank Turner The Wonder Years Paramore Good Charlotte The Blackout
  20. Libertine Angel

    The Jam

    I searched and it came up empty, so I thought I'd make a topic because I've been getting into The Jam more recently and they're fucking brilliant. I already knew I liked them, but I'd only heard a couple of songs, and now I'm actually listening to them more they've gone up a hell of a lot in my mind.
  21. Crimpshrine

    The Living End

    I couldn't find anythig for this band . and I was suprised that in a Green Day forum there was no Living End thread. So Let's talk here about this genius band .
  22. Hermione


    New rap thread for all your rap needs. An amazing new Kendrick video to start it off
  23. Dai.


    I know a lot of people here hate rap music, therefore hate Eminem. But let's see it from another perspective, he has great talent...He can express himself like not many people can. And he has very beautiful lyrics. So, what do you think?
  24. Dai.

    One Song

    So this is basically the second part of this thread. I'm sure I'm not the only person who comes across songs and/or bands so good that you just have to share them with other people. Here's a place for you to do that. Know a song that's fucking awesome and you think most other people won't know? Or a not-so-well-known band that you feel should get more attention? Post links here I'll start off by sharing a song that I think most of you will know, but I've been listening to it all day and I just can't believe how good it is. I give you 'Down Under' by Men At Work.
  25. Peter.


    Yeah, what do you think of them? I think they're pretty good...I love the bassists voice..so i was gonna ask if anyone know if he has any sidebands that you know of?