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Found 257 results

  1. Title says it all, here you go this cover is wonderfule NEW RULE: To improve page load times, there is a LIMIT OF 1 VIDEO PER POST. Any subsequent videos can go in spoilers. On discussion with the mod team, we've decided to introduce this rule since some pages have so many videos on them that the load time is terrible and user unfriendly. You can still post more than one video, just make sure that the additional videos are in spoilers.
  2. maryjanewhatsername

    Least Favorite Bands, Artists, and Songs

    I don't know if this has been made yet or not, and if it is a thread I apologize and hope this one gets merged, but I thought it would be cool if we had a discussion for our least favorite music on here. There's a lot of discussions on certain favorites (the Muse thread, Nirvana, etc.) but damn near none for just discussing elements or music we don't like. Just some ground rules, this is a thread for FRIENDLY DISCORD, no name calling or just being a dick. Debate and arguments are cool, as long as they are intelligent and respectful to others! Also this isn't meant to drag or shame artists, just to discuss why certain music isn't appealing to everyone. To start, one of my least favorite bands is Godsmack. The reason why I don't like them is because they blatantly copied one of my favorite bands, Alice in Chains. For example, their sun logo is based upon the sun logo that Layne Staley drew for Alice In Chains. Their name came from an AIC song off of their album Dirt. And the lead singer even admitted that at one point they were an AIC cover band. For those reasons, and for his copied vocals, I just really don't like Godsmack.
  3. Batgirl

    Latest Album You Bought

    I only saw a thread for GD Albums, so what's the latest album you bought? I bought P!nk's new album today I haven't listened to it yet, but I think I'll like it.. I loved the singles
  4. xjernpqvrnbfv


    Emily's Army is a teenage Punkrock/ Garagerock band from the Bay Area. Hailing from Northern California’s East Bay, Emily’s Army is a 4 man garage punk band that has been playing together since Max, Cole and Joey were still in training pants. The band added Travis Neuman in 2008 and the rest is history. Originally the band went by a different name, but when their cousin Emily Daskas’ family started a foundation to help fund a cure for Cystic Fibrosis, the boys jumped at the opportunity to adopt the name, and help create awareness for CF. 7inch: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=34777QZU8JYWL Older/Unreleased Songs they put up for free http://soc.li/UYl1UBJ Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/emilysarmy101 Twitter: http://twitter.com/EmilysArmy Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EmilysArmy?ref=ts You're not contributing to this thread if you are writing things like you wanna marry Joey. I am sick of reading such creepy comments on their facebook and myspace, so let's just keep it neutral and talk about their music. Ps: Don't Be A Dick
  5. Dai.


    I know a lot of people here hate rap music, therefore hate Eminem. But let's see it from another perspective, he has great talent...He can express himself like not many people can. And he has very beautiful lyrics. So, what do you think?
  6. WaitingInBattleScars

    The Killers

    They needed a thread. I like them quite a bit. Their teenie fans are annoying though. The "OMG, Mr. Brightside rawks!" ones.
  7. Marc.


    Isn't it true this place and it's creators suck the proverbial cock of it's members? I think so! Fuck 99.9% of you are a bunch of morons, who can't see the truth about the people who run this place. They have been lying to you all along did you know? Oh well enjoy the lies, since the majority of you are life support systems for a bunch of rectums.
  8. Laura.

    bring me the horizon

    i rly like them. does anyone elsee?
  9. Crystal A

    All Time Low

    Theyre pretty local, im pretty sure you cant even buy their cd from a store or itunes yet. But if you go to their myspace you can listen to their songs, and it has a link to their website where you can purchase a cd. They're mostly pop rock www.myspace.com/alltimelow
  10. Not as cool as Tré Cool

    Randy Rhoads, best guitarist ever

    Sure, while Green Day is the best band ever, in terms of Guitar, they can't even fucking HOPE to compare with Randy Rhoads. Rhoads was a great guy, and a fucking guitar legend, it's a shame he died the way he did and at the age he did. We'll always remember you, Rhoads. If have you anything to say about the man, here's the place to do it.
  11. catskill94


    fucking love. started listening to them during the blue album... around when dookie came out, you know? I like their new album, but i still think the best is the first.
  12. Malleus

    The Random Lyrics Thread

    Can't find one... so starting it! If there is already one, please delete me. Starting it off with some Weeknd because I've fallen in love with his music lately Music got you lost Nights pass so much quicker than the days did Same clothes, you ain't ready for your dayshift This place will burn you up But baby it's okay, them my ****** next door And they working in the trap, so get naughty if you want
  13. Guest


    I typed in all caps because I feel it would make Davey Havok proud. Replaces:
  14. shoegazeloser

    Bands that you've recently gotten into

    It's that time when you listen to one song by a band and say "Hey, this is good" and look up more of their songs. In a matter of days, you've listened to about two albums worth of their music. I know it happens alot, because it's how I got into Green Day and Nirvana. Right now, it's Black Flag, Sublime, and the Dead Kennedys for me. Yours?
  15. catskill94

    Nine Inch Nails

    All their work, absolutely amazing, i think. I've been listening to them for actually quite a long time, since closer was a single... what do you think of them?
  16. Invention Convention


    Slaves are a two piece punk rock band from Kent, England formed in 2012. The duo consists of Isaac Holman who plays drums and lead vocals and Laurie Vincent who plays guitar and is a backing vocalist. The duo released their first album "Are You Satisfied?" on June 1st, 2015. They first gained media attention when they covered UK Grime artist Skepta's song "Shutdown" on BBC Radio 1's live lounge.
  17. Holden Caulfield

    David Bowie

    who here likes david bowie? i just started getting into him and i think he's really amazing. space oddity is definitely my favorite song.
  18. Met Fan


    Metallica.. It's James Hetfield.. What's more?! Tought me music? Picked me up from pop music swamp? Opened my mind? Formed my band? Tought me my insturments? Prevented me from almost gettin into drugs? My first tallica album was the black album in 95 -which means I am a newbie since their first album was released in 81 heh- and back then I was all MICHAEL JACKSON IS THE KING OF POP AND I WANNA DANCE! heh My first song was Sad But True, it ripped through my pop emo brain sells and awakened me hehe Hetfield shapped me around a bit to appeciate good music, the riff.. the riff owns. The magic of distorted guitars.. the headbanging. Anyway I am a Metallica fan, hence the username heh, don't wanna bore you Well that's just me, for others we'll just talk about Metallica's good shit and shitty shit. anyway there is much to talk about but I wanna know what everyone favorite album yet and why.. fav live performance and members. Myself James Hetfeild of course and Jason Newsted.. yeep I hate Rob Trujillo's guts. Jason kicked major ass, shit there so much to talk about.. someone take it away.
  19. Britpop Blur


    I was wondering how many of you liked them and how many of you actually knew who was behind the whole concept. I didn't like the whole cartoon idea at first, but they're stuff is pretty creative imo. Plus I love the band that came up with the idea, ha ha .
  20. thenextsexpistol_mak

    Your CD collection

    how many cds do you got, what kinda music do you have in your collection, what you wish to have, how long ago did you get your first CD?
  21. katastrophen_kommando

    Die Toten Hosen

    Since all existing threads about the band have been closed so far, I hope y'all don't mind if I start a new one. After all, 'Die Ärzte' also have their own thread which is still active. 😅 I've been a long-term fan of 'Die Toten Hosen' (hence my username) but had somehow stopped paying attention for a few years. However, I rediscovered them after the release of their most recent album 'Laune der Natur' and so I went to their concert in Stuttgart last year which was EPIC! It was their first gig after Campino had recovered from sudden deafness and the band gave everything. So if you like 'Die Toten Hosen' as well, this might be the place to post and discuss. (I apologize if former threads have been archived for significant reasons beyond my knowledge so feel free to close this one if there is a problem with it.)
  22. Guest


    Continuation of the discussion from here: Enjoy, you Knights of Cydonia, you.
  23. wHiNing_gUitar

    Pinhead Gunpowder

    heyheyhey whazz up in this great wide world ..... anyone else here who loves pinhead gunpowder? they-are-great... but i miss them touring around...well i think the reason is that every member is in another band...like billie joe...
  24. Libertine Angel


    Any other fans of the pride of the north? Few bands are able to go 40 years sounding exactly the same and still make consistently great albums (aside from Modern, let's forget about that).
  25. arian

    Alice In Chains

    Anyone here like Alice in Chains? I'm listening to Grind right now so I just thought I better make a topic.