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  1. Apparently Billie is in tonight episode of Punk on epic. Can anyone rip & upload it?
  2. EastBayPunk.com Can't wait to see it.
  3. DadBod

    Tre on MemberGuest Podcast

    Green Day’s Tré Cool returns to Member Guest to talk about diaper blow outs, Game of Thorns, and how the band’s most pivotal show ended with a mud fight. Apple podcast link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/tré-cool-green-day/id1334897236?i=1000436395837
  4. Hi! So I found some stuff that I thought you all might enjoy, so I decided to share this is from Teen People, I never read that magazine but my sister did so she tore the page out for me this photo is from Circus. I only ever bought one issue and that was when I was in 7th grade, I don't think there was an article or interview, just this picture that I had hanging up in my basement for a couple decades this is an interview I found online that apparently was never finished, I wish I could find the rest of it! More to come! still more coming! and that's all I got. enjoy!
  5. New podcast! https://www.beyondandbackpodcast.com/episodes/2018/12/8/10-smash-everything-with-billie-joe-armstrong (mods if this doesn’t warrant its own topic, feel free to merge with appropriate one.)
  6. I know this is in the thread for the movie, but I wanted everyone to know about this and hear this, love to to hear Billie Joe's passion in the interview. How he gets tired of telling everyone the story of Green Day and how their story is really about East Bay Punk. “The one thing we discussed is let’s talk to people about their contributions. Let’s make this drama free, and let it unfold,” Armstrong says. “We wanted it to be as diverse as humanly possible. To talk to not just the bands, but the heart of the scene — people putting on shows and writing fanzines and creating art, and how that influences a great big band scene.” http://www.sfchronicle.com/music/article/East-Bay-Punk-documentary-scrappy-like-the-11177112.php?t=c7c5c176c3&cmpid=twitter-premium
  7. Filmed in Russia in July 2017. Aaron answers lots of questions about In China With Green Day as well as general questions about his relationship with the band and his opinion of their music etc. Enjoy.
  8. I can understand most of the interview but some parts are inaudible. Maybe because i'm not an american or english, so not good at english. Please help me, i want to totally understand this one. T.T
  9. WorryRock02

    Member Guest Podcast with Tre

    Trè Cool, internationally renowned drummer from Green Day, joins the fun with Phoenix, Brendan, and Mark. Topics include: hole-in-ones, when nicknames go bad, golf lessons with Butch Harmon, and how to meet fellow (half) naked musicians in French spas. FULL PODCAST: https://member-guest.com/podcast/episode-01-tre-cool/
  10. Filmed at the Massachusetts show this past summer
  11. P.O. Box 81623 San Diego, CA 92138 Green Day Interview An Interview With Billy from Green Day by Dave Quinn If you've yet to experience the music of Green Day you're missing out. For some, their ultra-poppy love/hate songs may be hard to take, and according to rule #567348.32 of the punk rawk handbook, they are in direct violation of the "can't let my friends see me with this uncool shit" code. However, their sound is irresistible and crucial to anyone who has ever wanted what they couldn't have. The real kick in the ass is how young these guys are combined with their dead on insight into relationship crap. DQ: You're playing in San Diego quite a bit lately, do you like it here? I totally love San Diego... (holds arm up and begins to point to different parts of it) Like San Francisco (wrist), the Bay Area (forearm), part like that, then Northern California (elbow) and here in the armpit, that's where L.A. is, and if you go down to the nipple that's where San Diego is. San Diego's way cool. The whole attitude is you should be totally separated from Los Angeles... (it) reminds me of Berkeley, but bigger with a lot more beaches. It's cool. (He's just saying that because I'm bigger than he is.) DQ: Have you ever hung around here long enough to check out the scenery? We walked around today, checked out some cafes, hung out at the beach (P.B.) on the boardwalk, looked at the shops. Lots of tourist trap bullshit going on, but there were cool Mexican food places... I love Mexican food. DQ: Word on the street is that you've been signed to Virgin? I've heard we've been signed to Geffen. We're definitely going to a major label, we have no idea yet... Dyno she-babes enter at this point. Dyno she-babe: What kind of food do they have in here? There's chips, some turkey breasts and cheese... iced tea. Eat up! What was the question again? DQ: Major labels. There's five of them that are interested, we've gotta hold out as long as we can so we know we're sure. I've heard of so many bands getting totally destroyed by major labels. That's why we never really did it from the start; we were seventeen, sixteen years old when we put out our first 7-inch. And I wouldn't want to be labeled as a "young alternative rock band" or something on MTV. We'd be in and out within six months, so we did everything on an independent label. Now we're going to do bigger things, you know, movin' up. DQ: Have you worn out your welcome with Lookout? Lookout is totally cool, we talked to them about it and they're hip on it. They knew it was coming for a while. We're doing one more EP on Lookout... It's a decision that took a year for us to make... We're not going to do anything cheesy, like put Lookout's logo on a major label, we'll make a clean break. DQ: How's the new crap different from the old crap? Well, it's still the same kind of style, but the lyrics have changed a lot. There's a lot less about love and stuff like that, and more about phobias and stuff. DQ: What do you hate? My fears. I hate being insecure. I hate being neurotic. I hate neurotic people. It's a lot of talkin' shit... there's also a friend of ours who was killed in a car accident about a year ago, so Mike wrote a song called "Jar" about him. Well, not really about him, (it's) about growing up. (Our new record) is like both records combined. We want to put out the ultimate Green Day sound. That's what we're trying to accomplish with the next record. DQ: Are you going to lose a lot of your "old school" fans when you sign? Yeah, definitely. There's going to be a few people who will be bummed out. I have nothing bad to say about punk rock or the underground. I think it's like the greatest scene in the world, but opportunity knocks. People ask "why are you doing this, because you have a family or anything?" Basically, it's because I fucking want to do it and so do the other members. The music hasn't changed. We're not changing ourselves to suit some big corporate record label. The music will be there if you want to listen to it. If you feel that you're contributing to a major corporation I got nothing to say because one time I said that, and now I've completely contradicted myself. There's not much to say about it. Some guy came up to me in New Jersey saying, "I heard you're signing for millions of dollars to so-and-so's label" and all this shit and I'm like, "...yeah, that's what we're gonna do." I didn't really have anything to say to him, and he's like, "Well, don't you know you're supporting a multi-million dollar corporation..." and I said "yeah.. I'm not doing it for them, I'm doing it for myself." DQ: What changes with signing? One thing changes when you get a bigger name. Stress. That's definite. It's funny because there's some people who will be totally into Green Day, and there will still be one person who will say "Oh, I think they fuckin' suck. I hate that pop shit." Whatever. And for some reason you'll totally ignore the people who think that you're good. You'll go to the people who think you're bad and say, "Well, what's up?" (laughs) People are going to say stuff to you that's pretty shitty, but you gotta just throw it behind you and not look at it. Not take it personal. DQ: A lot of people judge bands on their "PC"-ness, but you're really more personal as you grow older. Do you find yourself getting more political? There's going to be songs on the next record about slaving. My mom has been working at minimum wage jobs as a waitress for the past four years, and there's definite problems in that. We're young and we don't know much about politics, but now we're growing, getting out of high school and figuring out that things aren't given to you on a platter--living free at your parent's house, just going to school, now you gotta go out and have a job and all that bullshit. That comes along with what you're programmed to do in high school. I don't want to fuckin' live like that... I don't want a job, ever. DQ: Make up our own question. Wow. That's difficult... If I was a girl, who would I be?... Kathleen from Bikini Kill. DQ: From Bikini Kill???!!! (His voice gets louder) I've never really listened to them before, but then I heard a record when I was in Florida... she's got the radest voice, man. So fuckin' hard and shit. She's dope, man. She knows what's up. For some reason, I don't know... Kathleen from Bikini Kill. DQ: Who did you lust after but never get? Um... (long pause) ...that's a really revealing question. DQ: Reveal! Reveal yourself! This zine won't go past San Diego--it doesn't matter. (laughs)... Wow, there was a girl when I was sixteen--my best friend's sister. Her name is Jennifer. She's the one that got away. She's a couple of years older than I am. You know, a sixteen-year-old wanting to be in love with some girl. It wasn't quite there as far as she was concerned, but I was there. I was down. I knew what was up, but she wasn't willing to take that risk so... (laughs) DQ: What song is about her? The entire first seven inch.
  12. pacejunkie punk

    New Clarin.com Mike Dirnt interview

    Mike was interviewed in Rio for Clarin.com Here is the original link: https://www.clarin.com/espectaculos/musica/mike-dirnt-green-day-gira-desempleado_0_HkENl5gkM.html And here is the translation from Italian Rage and Love on FB. Click image to see it there: Also I’ll put it here: Mike Dirnt: "back in the USA is an intense and energetic song / we want to make our fans more united" - new interview Mike Dirnt of Green Day was interviewed exclusively by Clarin.com on October 31th when he was in Rio de Janeiro. Below you can read the translation of your interview: How's the revolution radio tour started in September last year? It was one of the best tours we ever had. Literally. It was great. Everybody played well, people had fun, and we had a really good time. I never thought it could go so well. Fans have appreciated the new songs, which is not entirely a surprise; but I realize that it makes me happy to know they like them as much as we do Tell us about your relationship with the radio. Were you listening to her as a kid? When I was a kid, I didn't have records because my family was poor, so i just listened to the radio. I think I got my first record when I turned 19 First, I tape the radio songs and creating my compilations, and then I sell to my friends a dollar. When you started the tour, Billie Joe improvised a song saying '' no trump, no kkk, NO FASCIST USA. Do you still do it? I'm sorry. It happened once, when we wanted to make our point of view public. It was like a slogan. When we play 'BANG BANG', people still shout it out loud. But we only did it once. "bang bang" is the theme of mass shootings. What did you think when the shooting was in Los Angeles? To be honest when it happened, I lived three miles away [About 4 miles], because my wife was treated for cancer treatment nearby. So the news had a huge impact. They were very disturbing days involving people all over the country, and probably all over the world. The funny thing is, Billie didn't know I was so close when she called to tell me what happened. In a week, green day will publish a greatest hits collection. Were you involved in choosing songs? Yes, it was our decision and we really wanted to do it! On the last tour we played songs from the old album album and we realized that many people in the audience had never heard them, because part of our fan base is very young. So we wanted to connect them with the bigger ones. Talking about this is like saying, "if they didn't know these songs, they will now". the idea is to join even more of our fans. And the more people know the old songs, the more material we can play live. How are the two new songs of ' God's favorite band? ' One of the songs is called back in the USA, it's very intense and energetic. The other song is ordinary world, in collaboration with Miranda Lambert. Can we say that green day has helped make punk rock popular in the United States? We are aware that we have done so and we are proud of it. It's something great. And it wasn't just us, but all punk-rock musicians contributed from 1975 onwards. I think today it is easier to find things in art and depend only on the desire and curiosity of everyone. Did you feel proud when the rock game video game came out with green day songs, something that had already happened with the? I didn't realize how great he was until he got out. Last year, my son was playing. I knew it was really cool, because I never had it in my house before. Did you ever imagine that your songs would be sung on Broadway, how did it happen with the American idiot musical? No, I never imagined it. I am very pleased with this and to see that the songs are played live. Do you still have the Oakland Coffee company with Billie Joe? Yes. We have a business that really matters good coffee beans from around the world. It is organic and packaged in recyclable materials. We thought, when you get older, the best part of the day is when you have a good coffee. And we want to share the experience. Finally, what do you remember about the previous South American tour? I remember everything from the first time. I like food and I see people dancing a lot, which I can't do. I also like local art and go to museums. And people are unbelievable. They're crazy. Latin America fans are very passionate and I think it's something nice. We're from California, where there are a lot of South Americans, so maybe that's why there's such a strong relationship. https://www.clarin.com/espectaculos/musica/mike-dirnt-green-day-gira-desempleado_0_HkENl5gkM.html
  13. https://www.moderndrummer.com/article/november-2017-green-days-tre-cool/ Green Day’s Tré Cool Story by Ken Micallef | Photos by Gregg Schneider Modern Drummer spoke with Tré as the group was taking a break between legs of its year-plus-long international tour.
  14. jengd

    93 WMMR interview

    http://wmmr.com/episodes/green-day-talk-philly-shows-inviting-fans-onstage-pierre-interview-show-pics/ Hi all, popped up on my twitter feed this am, its really short, not sure it really warrants it's own thread.
  15. melissi_unicorn

    Green Day Interview on 101 WKQX

    This was already posted in the random news thread, but since we are already talking about this interview in like three different threads, I thought it might be wise to give it its own thread ^^ Awesome interview!!!! They were in rare form. I love how Billie is cracking up at almost everything and Tré is just hilarious!
  16. I've just read the 1st part of the Interview on the GDA website and it's an interesting read: http://www.greendayauthority.com/news/5759/ (Sorry if I've taken someone else's job in creating this thread ) ''I try to push people to just lose it when they come to our shows'': Don't worry Billie, I certainly lost it jumping around like an idiot
  17. No Place Like Home Green Day's Mike Dirnt is grateful to perform in Oakland but not so pleased that Iggy Pop headlined Burger Boogaloo. http://www.sfweekly.com/music/music-music/no-place-like-home-green-days-mike-dirnt-is-grateful-to-perform-in-oakland/
  18. Tour Life: Ben Packard – VIP Coordinator for Green Day Tour Life is my favorite new Stars and Scars section because it allows us to give the spotlight to some incredible men and women who offer an inside look into their world – and it’s grown to the point that people are talking! The music industry, while perceived as vast, is very interconnected. It’s been a pleasure to receive emails from biz veterans like Ben Packard who are interested in being featured – and we are happy to oblige! Ben‘s inspiring story includes building up his touring resume at a young age and currently working with Green Day as their VIP Coordinator. His humble, positive spirit has no doubt left an impression on his peers, and we are thrilled to learn more about this multi-talented dude! http://starsandscars.com/tour-life-ben-packard-vip-coordinator-for-green-day/
  19. Mike Dirnt talks about unreleased Green Day material that will eventually "all come out". http://www.greendayauthority.com/news/5693/ (News by @Matt)
  20. It looks like an interview from 2016 On a Schnack with "Green Day" former man Billie Joe Armstrong You got a kind of second spring in 2004 with the comment album "American Idiot". That was when George W. Bush was re-elected. Is Green Day better, if the simpler ones are in power? Nee, Green Day is always good. Quite independently. There are enough other topics that we can cling to, even outside of politics. What if I am young, feel an outsider and can not be an instrument - advice? I say: friends with your strangeness. When you feel outside, there is always somehow a healthy and sensible way to find an expression. Has this become easier? For people who make music, definitely. You have Soundcloud, YouTube, all the platforms that have established a sleeplessness. I have on Instagram the hashtag #mynewband where I encourage young bands to get together and share their songs, or their work process on new material. Not the first time you offer a platform to other bands. You had a label in the nineties, Adeline Records ... ... that's a hundred years ago! Well, we're an economic magazine, and I just have to ask you if you did not have the idea of throwing up the music to concentrate on the label. No, not at all. I have no idea at all about the business side. I only made the label, so I could bring the music of friends to the people and to the market. That was it. Leave me alone with numbers! Good. But did you ever have what you would call a normal job? No, because Green Day is my job. I look at this band as you would consider a DIY project, as if you were building a house together. We make everything ourselves - artwork, t-shirts, we are involved in all corners and ends. Always. Or whether one of our songs is to be used in a film, these are all decisions which have always occupied us all day long. It is important to us that every decision always feels right. This is work enough. You've been rich for a long time. How to stay punk? No idea. I do not even talk about money. Really? Yes. Never. I am only concerned about music. And for acting, right? American Idiot, which already exists as a musical, is to be filmed by HBO. With you in the lead role. Is not quite sure yet, but I think so. They should hurry there. I will not be younger. But I'm right on it. http://www.business-punk.com/2016/12/perma-verkatert-und-bisschen-zu-bleich-auf-ein-schnack-mit-green-day-frontmann-billie-joe-armstrong/2/
  21. "Green Day: The Early Years" chronicles the rise of the world's most influential punk band, from their origins playing shows at Berkley's notorious Gilman Street venue in the late 80s, through the release of the platinum-selling Dookie in 1994. Watch here: https://open.spotify.com/view/originals-page The link doesn't work for me, so I guess this is only for USA, I hate this, it looks amazing